Tour Host

As a Tour host you will receive an email about upcoming events on Maureen’s Books Promotions. You can then choose if you’d like to participate in an event. Every blogger is welcome to become a tour host.  

Please read the information on this page first, before you decide to become a host. When you sign up as a tour host, it means you’ll agree with the information on this page.

  • I will never share your sign-up information with anyone. With the exception of the author when they need to send you a review copy. 
  • Media kits will be send out around one week before the start of the tour. I will send you both the media kit in a word document and as a premade html code
  • A Blog Tour Post will have to be the top post of the day on your blog.
  • If you didn’t like the book, or will rate it below 3 stars I will ask you to post the review after the blog tour. On the day of your agreed review you will be send some other content to share. 
  • If you haven’t posted on the agreed date I will send you an email as a reminder. 

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