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Review 'The Woman Left Behind' by Linda Howard Butcher is singularly devoted to his work. As team leader for the GO-Team, his unwavering focus is on the mission. Levi knows all too well that one minor distraction can hold deadly consequences. But with the soothing, sensual voice of "Babe," the team's communication expert, constantly in his ear, keeping his concentration on the dangerous work at hand is becoming extremely difficult.

Jina Modell definitely doesn't feel like a "Babe," especially when she's working with the gruff, no-nonsense Levi. When the base where she's stationed is attacked, Jina manages to escape but the rest of the team, working some distance away, is exfiltrated, thinking Jina died in the explosion-leaving her stranded. To survive, she's got to figure out how to get back to safety before she's discovered by the enemy.

Levi would never willingly leave a soldier behind, especially a brave woman whose sweet voice haunts his every thought. Once he discovers Jina is alive, the tenacious warrior will walk into fire to save this intriguing woman who has captured his heart.

The Facts: 

Publication Date:
November 20th, 2018
GO- Team #2
Romantic Suspense
eBook, Paperback, Audio
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My Review:

When I read the book description of ‘The Woman Left Behind’ I was immediately fascinated and requested the book on Netgalley. I love romantic suspense novels and this book just sounded really good. So I was super excited to start reading.

In ‘The Woman Left Behind’ we meet Jina Modell a ‘geek’ who loves to work with computers. When Jina’s boss forces her to join one of the GO teams, she isn’t expecting to be forced to do a lot of physical training, something she isn’t good in at all. But the one thing Jina never does is quitting. Especially after she meets her new team leader Levi who seems to want Jina to quit. Now she is determined to be a part of the team. But being a part of the team also means she can’t be attracted to Levi, if only she could tell her heart that.

Where to begin.. I absolutely, definitely, utterly loved and devoured this book!! I loved it so much that I just couldn’t stop reading! There honestly was nothing I didn’t love about this book. To begin, I loved the main character Jina. She isn’t your average female character. Jina is strong, tough and funny and is able to stand up for herself in the middle of a testosterone filled team. I really enjoyed reading about her!

Then there is Levi, he is very mysterious and seems to be this very hard unkind guy. But from the very beginning it is clear that it’s just the way he has to be as a team leader and to get the best out of his team. The chemistry between Jina and Levi is really amazing to read about. I loved them so much.

Time in ‘The Woman Left Behind’ went very fast at times. I think a year and a half past throughout this book. This normally bothers me a lot and I mostly feel rushed when that happens. But in this book I didn’t feel rushed at all. Time moving fast at times just fitted the story.

And last but definitely not least the suspense in the book.. O boy!! It kept me on the edge of my seat it was so good. This book made me feel almost every emotion out there. And I just never wanted the story of Jina and Levi to end. And those other team members where definitely fun to read about too. Sure there was some stuff in this book that definitely would never happen in real life, I mean from being in no physical condition to being some kind of super woman.. How?? But this didn’t bother me at all. Mostly it just made me feel hopeful that I can get into shape too. LOL!!

I can’t believe this is the second book in the GO team series and I haven’t read the first book. I definitely have to read that one too. ‘The Woman Left Behind’ is definitely one of my favorite reads of this year and if you ask me everyone has to read it!!

My Rating: 

About the Author:

Linda S. Howington is an American best-selling romance author writing under the pseudonym Linda Howard. After 21 years of penning stories for her own enjoyment, she submitted a novel for publication which was very successful. Her first work was published by Silhouette in 1982. She is a charter member of Romance Writers of America and in 2005 Howard was awarded their Career Achievement Award.

Linda Howard lives in Gadsden, Alabama with her husband, Gary F. Howington, and two golden retrievers. She has three grown stepchildren and three grandchildren.

For more information about Linda please visit her website. Or visit her on Facebook.

I received this book from the Little, Brown Book Group in exchange for my honest review.

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