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Review 'Recovery' by J.C. Harroway

She can’t help but want him. But neither can his millions of fans.

With fame, fortune, looks and charisma, Nathan Banks may have it all. But Dr Sophia King wants nothing to do with him beyond treating him as any other patient.

A family scandal and a childhood of media intrusion have left the reserved doctor fiercely protective of her vulnerable family. But when a photo of Sophia and Nathan together strips away her anonymity and exposes past secrets, she must step into the limelight to protect her loved ones.

Intrigued by the man behind his famous persona, Sophia glimpses a life of fame and glamour she’s never coveted. But Nathan comes with baggage, and the screaming fans, the beautiful leading ladies and ruthless paparazzi are all part of the deal.

How much is Sophia willing to endure to be with the man she loves, and how much is Nathan willing to give up for the woman who has stolen his heart?

The Facts:

Publication Date:
August 15th, 2016
Recovery #1
Contemporary Romance
eBook, Paperback
Available at:

My Review:

This book has been on my TBR list for a long time now. Since I’m trying to shorten my TBR list and reading more Netgalley books I decided it was time to start reading this one. Although that cover doesn’t work for me at all, I was definitely interested when I read the book description.

In ‘Recovery’ we meet Dr. Sophia King. Sophia is in New Zealand for a work/fun trip before she’ll start her ‘real’ job in a hospital in London. When her boss sends her to check up some celebrity she doesn’t know this celebrity is the famous sexy Hollywood actor Nathan Banks. Nathan is everything Sophia doesn’t need in her life. At least that is what she thinks. Nathan has paparazzi and beautiful woman surrounding him all the time and Sophia just wants to work and be as ‘invisible’ as she can possible be. But even though there lives couldn’t be more different if they tried, the chemistry between them can’t be denied.

When I started reading ‘Recovery’ I thought I would be reading an easy, simple and predictable romance story. I honestly didn’t expect a lot. And although this book is definitely easy to follow, predictable in most parts and really romantic and sexy I loved the book way more than I thought I would. I found myself rushing to get back to reading until I finished the last page.

Sophia is definitely a character I can relate too. She spends her life taking care of other people, working hard and trying to not stand out to much. I enjoyed reading about her. After she met Nathan I got frustrated with her a little at times. I mean, I don’t know how I would react if the guy I was dating was surrounded by beautiful woman and having to touch them for photoshoots and movie scenes, but I wished she’d trust Nathan a little more. Thankfully she did this more and more near the end of the book. And Nathan’s character.. well he is just so good to read about. He is mysterious, sexy, charming and who doesn’t love a story about a Hollywood star falling for a ‘normal’ person?! It’s the whole Nothing Hill charm.. and since that is one of my favorite movies I love these kinds of stories.

The romance between Sophia and Nathan was really enjoyable. Yes, it was predictable but that didn’t make me love it less. There were lots of ‘sexy’ scenes through out the book too, and they didn’t bore at all.

Yes, ‘Recovery’ was definitely a book I enjoyed reading. I don’t think the cover does the book justice though. But after reading it.. I’ll definitely want to read more books in this series.

My Rating:

About the Author:

Writing is a far cry from the medical career she once had, but it provides an endless source of inspiration to J.C. Harroway. From her home in New Zealand, and inspired by her travels and Welsh roots, she creates stories with strong, independent heroines and the compelling, three-dimensional heroes worthy of them.

For more information about J.C. Harroway please visit her website. Or visit her on Facebook and Twitter.

I received this book from Escape Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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