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Review 'By Virtue Fall' by Carrie Elks
Love blooms when you least expect it . . .

Juliet Shakespeare is done with love. With a growing floristry business and an adorable daughter to raise, life after separating from her husband is complicated enough - the last thing she needs is a man.

But when handsome single father, Ryan Sutherland, arrives in town, everything changes. As much as she tries to distract herself, Juliet can't help but be drawn to the easy-going Romeo next door and the way he makes her feel.

Photographer Ryan is only back in his hometown for a few months so there's no point falling for someone he'll just have to say goodbye to. But he didn't account for Juliet - the intriguing and beautiful woman next door. And in her, he might just have found everything he ever wanted . . .

The Facts:

Publication Date:
October 11th, 2018
The Shakespeare Sisters #4
Contemporary Romance
eBook, Paperback
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My Review:

I have loved the Shakespeare Sisters series from the very beginning and devoured every book. So when the fourth book in the series ‘By Virtue Fall’ was offered as a review book on Carrie Elks Reader’s Group Facebook page I immediately requested a copy. You can imagine my excitement when I received an email from the Little, Brown Book Group only a view days later also with the request to read this book. I was super excited and started reading as soon as I could.

In ‘By Virtue Fall’ we meet Juliet Shakespeare. Juliet left England and her sisters years ago when she got pregnant and married a rich American who seemed to be perfect at the time. Unfortunately her marriage soon started to fall apart. Now Juliet is in the middle of a divorce and she has a young daughter to protect. And this isn’t easy with an ‘ex’ husband who seems to like making it hard on her. But Juliet is determined to make sure her daughter still gets the best life possible. And the last thing she wants is another guy in her life. But when she meets her handsome neighbor Ryan she just doesn’t seem to be able to stay away from him.

We read little bits about Juliet in the previous books, and she always seemed so unhappy and far away from her family. So I was super excited to finally be able to read more about Juliet and find out who she really was. And let me tell you, I loved Juliet’s story. Juliet married young and moved away from her family and now finds herself in a rough situation. And I loved everything about Juliet. I loved how strong she was and how hard she worked for everything. And Juliet was just a great mom. The moments between Juliet and her daughter were so fun to read about.

Ryan’s character was definitely one of my favorite man in the Shakespeare sister series. I loved that he was a father and reading about how he was with his son was just so good. And the way he took his time with Juliet and really wanted to take care of her.. Wow! I loved that. The romance between Juliet and Ryan took some time to develop and it was really good. I loved everything about this couple.

In ‘By Virtue Fall’ you can really see how good a writer Carrie Elks is. Not only was the romance amazing, it really gives you all those romantic butterfly feels, but Carrie is also able to make you really like or dislike different characters. And boy did I dislike one of the characters in this book. I definitely wanted to scream sometimes.

This book was another great one and I’m honestly sad that this book is the end of the series. I loved getting to know the Shakespeare sisters and I definitely fell in love with Carrie Elks writing.

My Rating:

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About the Author: 

Carrie Elks lives near London, England and writes contemporary romance with a dash of intrigue. At the age of twenty-one she left college with a political science degree, a healthy overdraft and a soon-to-be husband. She loves to travel and meet new people, and has lived in the USA and Switzerland as well as the UK. When she isn't reading or writing, she can usually be found baking, drinking wine or working out how to combine the two. 

For more information about Carrie Elks please visit her website. Or visit her on Facebook and Twitter.

I received this book from the Little, Brown Book Group in exchange for my honest review.

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