Friday, October 5, 2018


Lately I’ve been trying to slow down with the whole social media stuff. If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram you might find that odd considering I’ve been posting much more for the last view weeks. But I’m trying to slow down on me watching social media on my phone. I’m posting more, but I’m trying to not grab my phone every single minute. Not only does me grabbing my phone takes time away that I could spend watching my baby girl, spending time with my husband and valuable reading time but it also makes me feel kind of anxious. I found myself grabbing my phone a lot without having an actual reason too. I almost did it automatically without thinking about it. And I just decided it was enough. So I have my iPhone scheduled to close my social media accounts after a certain time, and I’m not on social media on Sundays. I have prepared posts on Social Media on Sundays, but I won't check them until Monday.

But what is it with this stupid addiction I have with my phone? It’s crazy really. I find myself posting pictures of my baby girl a lot, and although I don’t mind at all it makes me wonder why I’m doing that. Sure, because I’m proud and completely in love with our baby girl. But is it also because I like to let others see what my life is about? Am I so addicted to social media that I just ‘have’ to post whenever and whatever? This honestly makes me just feel bad. And I was afraid I was the only one! But I keep hearing a lot about this topic. And  I also found this new podcast called ‘Directionally Challenged’ where in episode two they talk all about this addiction we all seem to have with our phone. (BTW.. It’s a great podcast, so go check it out!! ;)) So I’m definitely not alone in this. And that sure feels good!

And I just don’t want to be that person who is addicted to her phone. I’m a reader and I love books and I want my free time to be spend with my family or reading and not watching my phone all the time. I want our baby girl to grow up wanting to read or spend time with us and not using her phone, watching television or playing video games all the time. So I’m continuing with my #NoSocialMediaOnSundays Sunday. And I’ll keep trying to stop watching my phone all the time. 

Are you with me?


  1. I find myself reading for my phone way more often than I really need to too. I think your No Social Media Sundays is a great idea!

    1. Thanks Carol. It just seems like such a waste of time to always be watching that Phone. Especially since it doesn't have a real purpose most times other than it being an habit.


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