Friday, August 3, 2018

Literary Book Gifts Incl. an Exclusive Promo Code

As a book blogger and fanatic reader I love everything about books and reading. Not only do I love buying books, smelling books, browsing through books and thinking about books.. but I also love buying things that have to do with books. I have book jewelry, mugs, shirts, bags.. I seriously can’t get enough of bookish things. I bet if you are a book lover as well, you love these things too. Because well.. What isn’t to love?!
So when I heard about this website called Literary Book Gifts I was immediately fascinated and decided to have a look. And boy did this bookish website make my book blogger heart beat faster! Literary Book Gifts is a shopping site filled with Women’s Book T-shirts, Men’s/Unisex Book T-shirts, Book Backpacks and Book Tote Bags and they all look great. There are T-shirts, Hoodies and tops with all sorts of books and authors on it. From Edgar Allen Poe to Jane Austen. And from Cinderella to Sherlock Holmes. And those backpacks look amazing!

Literary Book Gifts stands for high quality items with a passion for all things literature, ideas, and reading. And I for one am definitely browsing through there catalog to get me one of these. And the best part? As a visitor of Maureen’s Books you’ll get 20% off!! Interested? Just use the promo code: MAUREENSBOOKS20 and you’ll get 20% off anything in the store.

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