Wednesday, July 11, 2018

My Favorite.. Summer Time Memory

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I love summer time. Especially when the weather is also the way it’s supposed to be during the summer.. Sunny and warm. I just love spending evenings outside, being able to walk outside without having to get a coat, sitting on a terrace with my husband, or friends and family. And obviously going on vacation. 

I have a lot of summer time memories of going on vacation and having the best time. Starting when I was young and went to Switzerland every summer. But if I have to pick one.. I’ll choose my summer time memory of last summer.. it was the early summer but it was our summer vacation and our honeymoon. And boy did we have a good time.

For our honeymoon last year we went to Lanzarote. And we stayed in this very luxurious home, with our own pool and two bathrooms. We went out to lunch and dinner every day. We drank cocktails, went sightseeing and I read. It was just perfect. The perfect summer time memory!

What is your favorite summer time memory?

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