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Audiobook Review 'Let Me Love You' by Jessica Jayne
Twenty-three year old Ren Haynes returns home after graduating college with two goals--start his engineering career and claim the heart of his parents' thirty-one year old divorced neighbor, Stacey Williams.

Stacey is nursing her broken heart and shattered ego. Not only did her ex-husband have an affair, he got the woman pregnant. Picking up the pieces of her life isn't easy, so when Ren taps into her need to feel desired again, she finds herself in a position she never imagined.

Can Ren help to rebuild her confidence and convince her that age is just a number?

The Facts:

Publication Date:
June 19th, 2018 (originally December 22nd, 2017)
Samantha Cook, Joe Arden
5 hours, 30 minutes
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My Review:

It had been a while since I last listened to an audiobook. I already planned on starting listening to them again with my maternity leave coming up. And I was thinking it would be perfect to listen to more audiobooks when our baby girl is born. So when I saw a sign up to become a part of the Caffeinated PR Audiobook service it felt like destiny. Soon after signing up the sign up for ‘Let Me Love You’ came along and I was super excited when I received the email which allowed me to start listening right away.

In ‘Let Me Love You’ we meet Stacy Williams, a recently divorced thirty one year old. Stacy’s divorce has done a number on her. Her husband had an affair with a younger woman and has gotten her pregnant. Stacy wanted to start a family for years but her husband always said it wasn’t the right time. Now heartbroken she is slowly getting back on her feet. When her neighbors handsome twenty three year old son Ren Haynes moves back after finishing college she is surprised to find he is interested in more than just friendship with her. Ren has been in love with Stacy for years, and now she is divorced he is determined to make her see he is the one for her.

After I started ‘Let Me Love You’ I had my reservations about this story. I don’t really like stories that got a lot of sex in it right from the beginning. I don’t mind sex in a book at all, but there has to be romance for me to enjoy reading or listening to it. And in the beginning of this book I missed the romance. Sure I got that Ren was in love with Stacy. But Stacy’s attraction to Ren kind of felt like coming out of the blue. I also thought the whole age difference of eight years was not so much, but maybe that’s just me. Thankfully I kept going and started enjoying this book more and more. The connection between Stacy and Ren started to develop and I enjoyed listening to Ren’s pursued of Stacy. It was especially fun to read how Ren was determined to show Stacy how serious he was about them. And the way he faced his aggravating mother was pretty good.

This audiobook isn’t very long, which is a shame because I loved the two narrators Joe Arden and Samantha Cook. They definitely did a great job in narrating this book. I enjoyed listening to Samantha’s voice, but above all I loved listening to Joe Arden. His voice is just so nice to listen too and it made me want to keep on listening till the very end.

Overall this was a nice audiobook and the perfect one to get me back in the audiobook scene. It wasn’t perfect, but definitely made for a fun listen. 

My Rating:

About the Author:

Jessica is a born and raised small town Ohio girl, who moved to the Sunshine State after graduating from college. She graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in English. What college major could possibly be better than one that makes you read novels and write about them! Now she is thrilled to be able to share all the stories floating around in her head!

Jessica loves to travel and travel often! She’s a huge sports fan, especially college football and the Ohio State Buckeyes! She’s a wine-making (and wine-tasting) aficionado. She loves all music. And nothing is better than sunset at the beach!

In the journey of life, she also married a wonderful man and had three beautiful (and sometimes crazy) children. Life is always an adventure.

For more information about Jessica please visit her website. Or visit her on Twitter and Facebook.

About the Narrators:

Samantha Cook

Samantha Cook has narrated romance and erotica audiobooks for several major audio publishers, including Blackstone, Harlequin, Audible, Podium and Insatiable. 

For more information about Samantha please visit her website. Or visit her on Facebook and Twitter

Joe Arden

Joe Arden's narration has been described as "sensual," "sexy," and "hot." His recordings range from sweet and romantic to steamy and raw. In his spare time, Joe raises and trains rescue pitbulls and restores vintage motorcycles.

For more information about Joe please visit him on Twitter

I received this audiobook from Caffeinated PR Audiobook services in exchange for my honest review. 


  1. Thanks Maureen. I enjoyed this couple too and Joe Arden is delightful.

    1. You're very welcome. Joe Arden definitely is a treat to lisen too. ;)


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