Wednesday, May 16, 2018

My Favorite.. Art

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I’m not a really big art fan. My mom is, and I love visiting museums with her and because of that I’ve been to a lot of museums. And I love visiting museums. Not necessarily because of the art, but it’s kind of the combination with that feeling museums give you. It’s charming, mysterious and looking at art makes me want to find out more about it. But telling you my favorite art piece is definitely not that easy.. It took me a while.. And I really had to go with paintings since I love those the most.. And I just wasn’t able to pick only one.. But my favorite art pieces are definitely the ‘The Night Watch’ by Rembrandt and ‘The Milkmaid’ by Johannes Vermeer.

Both are painted by Dutch painters and I grew up hearing a lot about these paintings. I’ve both seen them more than once and I just love how mysterious and interesting these paintings are. I still just really want to keep looking at them.

What is your favorite art? 

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    1. They sure are beautiful. I love watching these paintings every time. ;)
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