Saturday, March 10, 2018

My New Bookish Corner

As some of you might already know I had this beautiful book filled room in our home. I had lots of bookshelves and it was really my go-to place for when life got crazy. If you followed me recently, you might have already seen that there’s a big change going on in our lives at the moment, and I had to put my books away… Temporarily obviously.

My bookish room before the makeover.
I’m pregnant, and we are expecting our baby in August. We are over the moon and super excited about this news, but it also means we needed our spare room for the baby room. And so.. with a little sadness, but much more joy we are redoing our spare room and making it into a baby room.

This meant I had to clear out almost 650 of my books and put them away in storage. At least for until we have another home in a view years. Although I’ll miss the opportunity to watch my books every day, I made a catalogues so I can find every book in every numbered box whenever I need too. And the storage is close by so I can get the book I want, whenever I need too. And having a baby is so worth it!!

But as every book lover, I obviously couldn’t say goodbye to all my books. I needed to have some books inside our home. So my husband and I went shopping in Ikea and got this new bookshelf for in our living room. And I love it. It’s not very big, but it’s big enough for now and I’m still able to have my favorite books nearby.

And since I’m a book blogger I also needed to have some space for my to-review books.. And that’s where I use the drawers in the shelves for.

Do you have a bookish corner? And where do you put the books you'll have to review?


  1. Love your new corner-I just have one 3 shelf bookcase-ugh-for now..LOL

    1. Thanks Joann. We can never have to many shelves right?! LOL!


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