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Blogiversary Celebration #1 Guest Post 'Favourite Mythic Beasts'

This week is Maureens Books 4 year Blogiversary and Im super excited to share some awesome stuff with you this week. To start this week of good Im excited to welcome Aislynn on the blog. Aislynn is a fellow blogger, reviewer and author on Port Jericho and she was kind enough to write a guest post for all of you to read to help celebrate this fun occasion. Keep on checking out this weeks posts.. There will be a cool Blogiversary giveaway this weekend.

Favourite Mythic Beasts:

I love the strange and unusual. The paranormal. The preternatural. Ghosties and cryptids, and  everything in between. Here are  seven of my favourites that have made their way into modern  literature. 


Chupas are fascinating critters because of how they've spread, and changed. These beasties first  appeared in Puerto Rico. The name means 'goat sucker’s, for the purported habit of draining the  blood from livestock, especially goats. Chupas have been described as lizard-like, with a row of  spines along the back, and glowing red eyes. They've also been described as dog-like, though not any  known type of dog. Some even consider them alien creatures.  

A great book featuring chupacabra is Michael F Stewart's Keep in a Cold Dark Place.

Here's my review for it! ( 


Okay, so, as mentioned above, dragons are my thing . And 'dragon’ can encompass a wide variety of  creatures, from South America’s feathered serpents, to Europe’s wyvern, China’s lung or long, to  the rainbow serpents of Oceania.

Naomi Novik's Temeraire series explores many different dragons around the world, as does Marie  Brennan's Memoirs of Lady Trent series.

Here is my review for A Natural History of Dragons ( 


Griffin, also spelt gryphon, is a creature most likely conjured when our distant ancestors stumbled  across the bones of dinos like protoceratops, who had a beaked head, and four-legged body.

A series I enjoyed that heavily featured griffins is KJ Taylor's Fallen Moon Cycle)  

Padfoot/ Cu Sith

Legends of great black dogs abound throughout the UK and much of Europe. These preternatural  hounds are generally regarded unfavourably, and considered omens of death. Sirius Black aka  Padfoot from JK Rowling's Harry Potter series takes the form of a shuck dog. Another quite  famous Grim can be found in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles:

Black Dog

© Aislynn d'Merricksson   

Black dog, Derry dog, Shuck and Cu, 
Gabriel's hounds hunting after you. 

Whist hounds, Arawn's hounds, Barghest and Grim, 
See a black dog, prospects look dim.  

Black dog, Gytrash, Padfoot, Ki Du, 
Coinn Iotair chasing after you.  

Hellhound, Mauthe Dhoog, Skirker and Grim, 
See a black dog, luck turns dim. 

Cait Sith

The cait sith or cait sidhe is the feline equivalent of  the cu sith. These are large black cats, often  sporting a white spot on the chest, and less often, a white blaze on the face. Cait Sith can be  found in Seanan McGuire's October Daye series. Here's my review of The Brightest Fell.  (


Kappa are a type of yokai (think Japanese 'fae’). They look kinda like bipedal turtles, with a shallow  indent in  the top of the head, and can be aggressive. The indent holds water, and is the source of  their strength. They may arbitrarily attack humans, and will certainly if provoked. Kappa are  strict with protocol. If you bow to one, they met bow back, and will spill the water, and so lose  their strength. The Pokemon Golduck bears a passing resemblance to a kappa. In JK Rowling's Harry Potter series, kappa make an appearance, being part of Harrys trials in Goblet of Fire (book). 


Kitsune are another type of yokai. They are fox spirits, and generally full of mischief. Most of the  time it's playful, but they can  have a dark side. The Pokemon Vulpix/ Ninetales are based on  kitsune. These mystical Japanese fae feature heavily in the Red Winter Trilogy by Annette Marie.

Check out my review for Red Winter. ( ) One of my own characters in World Shaper is a kitsune.

About Aislynn:

For more information about Aislynn and her site please visit website. Or visit her on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram

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    1. Thanks Daniela. Padfoot is definitely a great one ;)

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