Friday, February 2, 2018

Maureen's Little Corner of the World: Living With Perfectionism

Do you ever have these thoughts in your head that you just really want to write away? As a wife, reader, book blogger, nurse and woman I have many thoughts going through my head that I just want to put out there sometimes. Some fit a genre, some don’t.. and sometimes they are just crazy ramblings in my head that need to come out. In Maureen’s Little Corner of the World I’ll be sharing some of these ramblings, ideas, opinions, views and adventures.

Living With Perfectionism

Those who know me, definitely know that I’m a perfectionist. I don’t do things half, I do things the best way possible. Even if that means that I set my goals to high and sometimes lose myself a little in the process. Working hard is something that I like to do and that I’m used to. Although being a perfectionist can be nice, it also definitely can be hard. 

And lately I’ve been trying to do things  a little less perfect because I was making myself crazy. Being a perfectionist made me want to do everything in my life perfect. I accepted mistakes from everyone, but not from myself. I was not allowed to make mistakes. On the outside I probably wouldn’t admit it, but when I did something wrong I kind of punished myself. I told myself I was not good enough. I just hadn’t worked hard enough. I didn’t do everything I could. And a view months back I just realized I was kind of crazy thinking like that. I didn’t like my job as much, I thought my blog wasn’t good enough and I felt like I wasn’t a good wife because I wasn’t able to do everything in the house. And things just had to change. 

And slowly on, I’m changing things. I work as a nurse 36 hours a week, and when I’m at home.. I am at home. I don’t check work mail and I don’t read student assignments. I am a book blogger and try to make a view posts every week, but if I’m too tired, just one or two posts in a week is good enough. I am a wife, but I don’t have to do everything at home before my husband comes home, because he knows and understands that I work a lot too and maybe we can do some house stuff together.  

I’m trying to change but it’s not always so easy. For example last week, I was just so tired I couldn’t make myself making posts for my blog. So I didn’t do it. But I still felt kind of bad, and like I wasn’t working hard enough. But the big change is that now, I’m telling myself that I’m allowed to not be perfect all the time. I’m just one person and nobody is perfect. And most importantly.. I don’t have to be perfect.


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I felt like this for the longest time, and sometimes I still do. I know I'm not perfect. I'm good at certain things, and I suck at others. I am not the best housekeeper, either. I will do small tasks here and there, but I don't do a big cleaning haul every month like some do. We are our own worst critics. It's OK to not be perfect!

    1. That's so true. We definitely are our own worst critics. And I think this will always be something that's hard for me. But how older I get, how easier it becomes to just remind myself that no one is perfect. So why should I be?
      Thanks for stopping by Charlie.

  2. Totally understand, as I suffer from this too. I started a yoga challenge last year to do yoga everyday, and when I missed 1 day, I abandoned the whole thing. So i tried again this year, but expected less of myself, and kept saying to myself progress not perfection. But it's hard as I've always been like this about everything in my life. And it's super stressful.

    1. I so get you. It definitely can be super stressful. Every once in a while I forget about not needing to be perfect and I get very stressed. I just have to keep reminding myself that I can never be perfect. At least not in my own eyes. But it's a struggle every day.
      Thanks for stopping by Trish.


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