Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Maureen's Little Corner of the World: Cooking Fun

Do you ever have these thoughts in your head that you just really want to write away? As a wife, reader, book blogger, nurse and woman I have many thoughts going through my head that I just want to put out there sometimes. Some fit a genre, some don’t.. and sometimes they are just crazy ramblings in my head that need to come out. In Maureen’s Little Corner of the World I’ll be sharing some of these ramblings, ideas, opinions, views and adventures.  

Cooking Fun:

If you follow me on Facebook and my personal Instagram you have probably seen that I have another hobby next to reading. Cooking! I’m no chef, not even a little, and without a recipe I definitely can’t do much. But I love cooking! 

When it’s a normal day, and I’ve been working I don’t make any spectacular stuff. I just try to make a healthy and quick meal but nothing fancy. But when it’s weekend, or I have a view days off I like to try out new recipes. After our wedding we got a ‘Wedding Cookbook’ were all our friends and family put recipes in. I try to make a recipe from there, or I’ll browse the internet looking for some nice recipes.

And I just love doing that. Cooking is so much fun to me, and it doesn’t hurt that I love food too. There isn’t much I don’t eat so I try out a lot. And if you’re wondering.. my husband loves my cooking sprees. Here's one of my favorite recipes I like to make in the weekend for my husband.

And where did I get this recipe? I don’t even remember. I’ve had it for years now. And I’ve made it a lot. For my family, for friends, dinner parties. I know I found it somewhere on the internet. But who made it? I don’t know.. but it’s really good. Trust me!  

Do you enjoy cooking? What do you love to make?


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