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Review 'Finding Magdalena' by Shannon Condon
Sometimes behind a beautiful face you will find a tragic story.

When freshman Maggie Curran receives news of her parents' death, her world is shattered. She leans on best friend, Graham, for support and organizes her world to cope with her loss. Excelling in her studies and music, there's little time for social life until her new roommate, Sarah, arrives. Bubbly and extroverted, she's the opposite of shy Maggie and the two become fast friends.

But a Thanksgiving trip to Sarah's home begins a chain of events which will follow Maggie well past her high school graduation.

Is she strong enough to face another tragedy?

Author Shannon Condon's first novel is a tale of loss and love; it tests the limits of inner-strength while it examines the real bonds of friendship. Stock full of tension and intrigue, Finding Magdalena is a page-turner with a well-crafted story and well developed characters.

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January 31st, 2017
eBook, Paperback
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My Review:

A view weeks ago I was asked to review ‘Finding Magdalena’. The book description sounded very interesting, and I loved the cover so I decided to give this book a chance. 

In ‘Finding Magdalena’ we meet Maggie, a young girl in college who just lost both her parents in a tragic accident. Since her parents where the only family Maggie had, she is now on her own. Luckily Maggie was emancipated and already lived on her own for a while. Maggie was a great student, excelling in all her classes and she had a great best friend. Although she was heartbroken about her parents death, Maggie tried to make the most of her life. But life can be very  hard. 

I read this book as part of a blog tour. But soon after starting ‘Finding Magdalena’ I found myself not liking this book at all to be honest so I agreed on sharing my review later on. The writing in ‘Finding Magdalena’ is very descriptive. Maggie did this, than Maggie did that. I just didn’t really like the writing style. But since I agreed on reviewing this book I kept on reading.  

In the beginning I did like Maggie. She was a gifted singer, and seemed like a very nice girl who loved her parents very much. She was serious with her school work, and a real planner. I definitely found myself liking her character. But soon she started to change. From a nice and shy girl with not having had a boyfriend at all, she went to having several different boyfriends in the span of a month or two. I didn’t really get that at all. Things went way to fast in way to little time and I couldn’t keep up. I really felt like this book was rushed. 

Near the end of the book I found out this book was more a thriller than a romantic read. But even the thrilling part I didn’t really get. I found it brutal and strange and just didn’t like it at all. And Maggie suddenly was this aggressive person. I mean.. I get that you’d want to hit someone who has betrayed your trust. But she hit two people in a very short time and it just didn’t fit the image it got from this character at the beginning. 

‘Finding Magdalena’ really wasn’t my sort of book. And although I hate giving books a low rating I honestly can’t give this book more than two stars.

My Rating:

About the Author:

Shannon Condon resides in North Carolina with her three sons. She graduated from the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida. She fell in love with Southern Spain researching the book and hopes to retire there someday.

For more information about Shannon please visit her on Twitter.

I received this book from Austin Macauley Publishers in exchange for my honest review. 


  1. Oh, sorry this didn’t work for you. From a shy, innocent girl to an aggressive one on a very short time. Yep, I get it why you didn’t like this book. Great review, Maureen. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. ❤️😊

    1. Thanks Geybie. This book was definitely not for me. I still think the book was just strange really. LOL!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow great story, thanks to aware me about this pretty cool book. I love to read the whole story So I decided to Download eBook copy for me to read the story.


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