Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Maureen's Little Corner of the World: Snow

Do you ever have these thoughts in your head that you just really want to write away? As a wife, reader, book blogger, nurse and woman I have many thoughts going through my head that I just want to put out there sometimes. Some fit a genre, some don’t.. and sometimes they are just crazy ramblings in my head that need to come out. In Maureen’s Little Corner of the World I’ll be sharing some of these ramblings, ideas, opinions, views and adventures.  


What is it with snow that always makes me feel so happy? Currently our Dutch landscape is covered with snow. Since we don’t really seem to know what to do with snow here, the roads are terrible, the people can’t really drive anymore and a lot of people seem to curse the snow. Trains aren’t going anymore, buses have stopped and the advice is to stay at home. Obviously it’s not fun if going to your job takes two hours, instead of the normal 30 minutes. But I love snow and even the longer time to get from one place to the next can’t make me love snow any less. But what is it about this cold, wet and white substance that makes me feel all swoony inside?
Having some fun in the snow with my husband this Sunday!

Maybe it’s because the snow makes me think of the holidays I spend in Switzerland in the winter and summers. I remember those gorgeous looking wooden Swiss houses.. covered in lots of snow. Everywhere you looked everything was white. And we had these walks through the snow covered mountains, surrounded by a perfect blue sky and the warmest sunshine. Those are the childhood memories I remember the most. And in my memories they are even more perfect than they really probably wore.

I remember sledding in the snow with my parents and grandparents. Skiing through the mountains in Switzerland and in France, feeling like I could concur the world. Making snowman’s with my family and friends. And I remember some Christmases where it really was a white outside. Snow is just magical to me. It makes me think of happy memories. And I can never see to much snow.

And as a Gilmore Girls fan, it obviously makes me think of Lorelai. And hot cocoa! And warm boots. And.. Well.. I think snow is great!!


  1. I hate snow!! Okay, I think it's pretty when I'm inside and warm and cozy, but I hate going out in it.

    1. LOL!! Well I think many people in Holland agree with you at the moment. But I still love it. From inside and when I'm walking right through. ;)

  2. I love snow, too!!! And I agree with Lorelai, everything is magical when it snows. ;)


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