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Review 'A Winter's Tale' by Carrie Elks
Struggling film student Kitty Shakespeare is determined to make the most of her new job as nanny to major producer Everett Klein's son, Jonas. It might not be exactly the career she'd hoped for when she moved from London to LA, but thanks to her habit of freezing up in interviews, this is her last chance to impress a key player in Hollywood - if she can get this right, then surely he'll take a moment to look at her work. However, what Kitty hasn't allowed for is Everett's sexy-as-hell brother, Adam - but love at first sight this is not.

Adam Klein may be sexy, but he's also gruff and rude and in no way ready to make a fool of himself over the nanny - not after the year he's had. All he wants to do hole up in his cabin and hide from the brother who destroyed his life. If only he could find it easier to ignore the way Kitty makes his heart race . . .

As Christmas approaches, Kitty and Adam come to realise that the course of true love never does run smooth - and just maybe, it's more interesting that way...

A heartwarming Shakespeare Sisters Christmas romance from the bestselling author of Fix You.

The Facts:

Publication Date:
November 30th 2017
The Shakespeare Sisters #2
Contemporary Romance
eBook, Paperback
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My Review:

I read ‘Summer’s Lease’, the first book in the Shakespeare Sisters series in June and I devoured it. I truly loved that book! So when I heard that ‘A Winter’s Tale’, the second book in the Shakespeare Sisters series came out with a Christmas theme, my favorite holiday, I was beyond excited. And I was over the moon when I received an email with the question if I wanted to read this book. And when I received it, I started reading immediately. 

In ‘A Winter’s Tale’ we meet Kitty Shakespeare. Kitty is the youngest of the Shakespeare sisters. Kitty has been living in L.A. for almost a year. It has been her dream as a film student to make it in the big city. But Kitty is struggling to get a new internship. Desperate Kitty accepts a job as nanny to major producer Everett Klein’s son, Jonas. This way Kitty hopes to impress the producer enough he considers her for internship. But when Kitty arrives in the cold and snow covered Blue Ridge Mountains she isn’t prepared for Everett Klein’s brother Adam. Adam is tall and handsome, but incredible rude to Kitty. But still, Kitty doesn’t seem to be able to forget him.

Well, I love books with a Christmas theme, and I loved the first book in this series so this book should be perfect for me. And it was. I loved every single page and I read it in a day. Kitty’s character is one I really loved. Kitty is a kind of shy, hardworking, beautiful, strong and a little na├»ve. And it was really fun to read about her. When Kitty met Adam she was completely in awe of him, even though he was really unkind. But being the good person she was, she tried to be kind to him and those first interactions between Kitty and Adam were really fun to read. I loved the way Kitty seemed to be in complete shock about someone like Adam liking her. I could honestly hear her say ‘You do?’ in my ear. Loved it!

Adam isn’t really a bad guy, but he has been through something terrible and after someone from his family betrayed him he doesn’t seem to be able to get past it. He leaves everything behind, and starts living in this cabin in the cold Blue Ridge Mountains. Adam is done with people and just wants to be left alone. But Kitty knocks him of his feet. And I loved being able to read this book from both his point of view and that of Kitty’s. 

The romance and chemistry between Kitty and Adam was amazing and I loved reading every single page of ‘A Winter’s Tale’. The scenery the author described was gorgeous and I definitely got this wintery Christmas feel while reading this book. This book definitely is another great one and I can’t wait to read the next book in this amazing series.

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About the Author:

Carrie Elks lives near London, England and writes contemporary romance with a dash of intrigue. At the age of twenty-one she left college with a political science degree, a healthy overdraft and a soon-to-be husband. She loves to travel and meet new people, and has lived in the USA and Switzerland as well as the UK. When she isn't reading or writing, she can usually be found baking, drinking wine or working out how to combine the two.

For more information about Carrie Elks please visit her website. Or visit her on Facebook and Twitter.

I received this book from the Little, Brown Book Group in exchange for my honest review.


  1. oh wow a 5-star review! I haven't seen many of those lately :) This sounds like the perfect Christmas read!

    1. It really is a perfect Christmas read. And it's a great series! I just love how Carrie Elks writes, and the books are just so romantic. Sigh..


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