Monday, November 27, 2017

Five Instagram Accounts I Love To Follow

As you’ve probably already figured out I love Social Media and especially Instagram. I can browse through Instagram for hours if I let myself. I just love seeing what people are doing all over the world. It’s like traveling, but only from my own home. And there are a view Instagram Accounts I like the most. Some are bookish, some are not.. But they are amazing, trust me. 

Audrey Roloff:

Audrey is a fellow blogger who also has her own clothing line Always More. She is a new mom and wife to Jeremy Roloff who you may know of Little People, Big World. And she I just a very inspirational person. (Check out her Always More Story here.) . I love following her and seeing her Insta-stories and pictures. 

Jessie James Decker:

Jessie James Decker is an American Country Singer and I’ve been following her for years. I love her music but I also love how ‘normal’ she is. Jessie has her own real-life show on E, Eric & Jessie, and she is a wife and mother of two (the third one is on the way). I just love watching her pictures and Insta-stories. She is so funny, and she is definitely an inspiration to me. Especially the way she is with her family. 

Reese Witherspoon:

Reese Witherspoon is not only one of my favorite actresses, she is also a fellow reader. She recently started her own book club and I just love following her and reading the books she’s recommending. 

Julianne Hough:

I’ve been following Julianne Hough on Instagram for a view years now. I love how funny, hardworking and kind she is. And she also still seems to be ‘normal’. I love following her insta-stories about her dogs and her family. She just really is very inspirational. 

Genevieve Padelecki:

If I think of someone inspirational Genevieve Padelecki definitely comes to my mind. She is the wife of Jared Padelecki, we know him as Dean in Gilmore Girls and Sam in Supernatural. Genevieve is also a blogger, and a mom of three. I love following her blog and reading her stories. 

There are many more Instagram Accounts I love following. But these are definitely five of my favorites. I love how strong these woman seem to be, and I love being inspired by them.

What are Instagram accounts you love to follow?


  1. For some reason, I never do manage to get into Insta :) I just feel like I'm wasting time when I could be blogging maybe? xD but I guess I only follow book bloggers anyway, so maybe I'm not getting the whole blogging experience :D

    1. I get what your saying. Maybe I could blog more in the time I spent on Insta.. but do get a lot of inspiration on Insta. And just love watching all those pretty pictures.
      Thanks for stopping by! ;)


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