Thursday, November 9, 2017

A Day in the Life of Author Tudor Robins

Today I'm excited to share this awesome guest post by Tudor Robins with you. Tudor is the author of the new book 'After Lucas', the second book in the Stonegate series that got published this week. You can enter a #Giveaway on the Release Event published this Tuesday and maybe win a copy of the awesome new #YA novel. 


I’m not sure what it says that my first reaction is to laugh, but there you go.
There are two kinds of days: 1) The kind of day I have planned. 2) The kind of day that actually happens.

Most of my days start according to plan, simply because it’s too early for anything to go off the rails. I get out of bed at 6:00, pull on my running clothes (including a high-visibility safety vest, and a flashing light that wraps around the heel of my running shoe) and I run about 8K before the sun rises.
By the time I get home, the house is stirring. My husband is up, and my kids are either awake, or yawning out of bed. Meaning … breakfast to eat, lunches to make, school forms to sign, assignments to print off (which should have been printed the night before!), beds to make, etc. I usually try to get at least something – muffins, or cookies – baking in the oven while I’m in the kitchen because our family goes through a LOT of baked goods. And, of course, I squeeze in my own shower.

Then the house is empty.
Tudor's office

Unless somebody’s sick, or it’s a snow day, or a PD day – you guessed it – this is where things can start to leave the planned path.

Going back to the #1 type of day. On days like this I would go upstairs to my quiet office and I’d spend the time until noon working on somebody’s resume (I’m a professional resume-writer, and write over 100 resumes each year). Then I’d have lunch while I read something captivating on my Kindle, and after lunch I’d go back to my office and have a productive afternoon writing my work-in-progress and maybe doing a couple of small promotion-related items on existing books.

So, what happens on #2 types of days? Well, the basement floods. Or the power goes out. Or I have to go to one of the boys’ schools to do one of the many volunteer activities I’m involved in – running a Young Writers’ club, coaching the curling team, etc. Or the boys come home for lunch, with six friends – each – and I can’t resist saying hi, and maybe handing out some baked goods (see above for large amount of baked goods consumed in our house). Sometimes we’re out of an essential ingredient for dinner and I have to hop on my bike and go out to get it. Very, very occasionally there’s a car in the driveway during the day (this happens about six days a year) and I end up doing bigger errands or, sometimes, even going out to the barn to visit Martin.

And the work itself – well, that rarely goes according to plan either. I’ll need to update the back matter of a book. Which means I need to add in a thumbnail of my latest book cover. Which means I have to launch Gimp and resize the cover to thumbnail. Then I have to add new links. And … well let’s just say, one thing leads to another every single time.

I’m not even going to get into what happens once the kids get home from school. Dinner, homework, basketball, Scouts, riding, evening meetings, laundry, housework, etc.

It’s busy, but I would never trade any of it.

If I didn’t have a million things to do with my books, it would mean I wasn’t trying hard enough.
When I have less to do at home, it’s usually because one of my kids is away and then I’m sad, because they’re fun, and I miss them.

I always think, “One day …” One day I’ll have more time to write. I’ll have more time to work on book promotion. One day I’ll get to the bottom of my to-do list.


Or maybe not.

And, even if I did, I’m not sure I’d be any happier than I am now.

About 'After Lucas':

Thanks to the talent of her pushbutton super-horse, Ava, Mavis wins every ribbon, trophy, and championship she competes for. No rider effort required, and not much skill either – Ava does it all.

So, when Mavis’s dad loses his job, and Ava must go up for sale, Mavis is swamped with … relief.

She knows it’s the wrong thing to feel, but Mavis is used to feeling, thinking, and acting the wrong way. It’s why she has no friends.

Also, riding’s been really boring, for a long time.

With super-Ava sold super-fast, Mavis is ready to start enjoying her horse-free life.

Until she meets Lucas. Lucas is everything Ava’s not. Stocky, dirty, untrained, and unproven, the former trail horse has the complete opposite on Mavis as her former show mare did.

Mavis likes Lucas. She loves him, even.

Lucas has a lot to learn, but it might be Mavis who gains the most from their new, unlikely, partnership.

'After Lucas'  is now available at Amazon.

About the Author:

Tudor Robins is an Ottawa-based young adult author whose first novel, Objects in Mirror, was named a Best Book for Kids and Teens by the Canadian Children's Book Centre. Tudor loves reading, writing, and horseback riding, as well as spending time on Wolfe Island with her husband and two sons. 

For more information about Tudor please visit her website. Or visit her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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