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Review 'Break In Two' by MJ Summers
Thirty-one year old Claire Hatley is running from Seattle having just discovered that her live-in boyfriend has traded her in for a twenty-two year old hostess. Devastated and alone Claire must make a fresh start. She answers an ad for a chef at a guest ranch just outside Colorado Springs and finds herself face to face with Cole Mitchell, quite possibly the sexiest man to ever ride a horse. Common sense tells them to stay away from each other, but their attraction is not to be denied. He gives her a glimpse of what love should be, but just as she starts to trust him, the past comes back to tear them apart.

Join Claire and Cole as they embark on the stormy love affair of a lifetime.

The Facts:

Publication Date:
November 5th, 2013
Full Hearts #1
Contemporary Romance
eBook, Paperback
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My Review:

I read my first MJ Summers book a view years back. It was the second book in the Full Hearts series and I really enjoyed it. So when I saw the first book in the Full Hearts series ‘Break In Two’ standing on my bookshelves, I knew it was time to start reading this book. 

‘Break In Two’ is the story of Claire Hatley and sexy cowboy Cole Mitchell. Claire has took on a new job of chef at Cole’s ranch after her relationship comes to an abrupt end. After driving for many hours, she finally arrives at the ranch near Colorado Springs. This job is just the perfect escape for Claire. When Claire meets Cole one thing is sure: Cole is very handsome. And soon Claire and Cole are inseparable. 

I must admit I had some high expectations about this book. I just finished a great five star read, and I really enjoyed the second book in this series ‘Breaking Love’. The first thing that really stood out to me about this read, is that the writing was very descriptive. And because of that it didn’t really read as easy as I would have liked. The other thing was the main character Claire. She was just not my kind of character. She ran away from her ex after he cheated on her probably several times, and she had no trouble whatsoever about getting it on with Cole. I just didn’t get that.

I also missed the chemistry between Claire and Cole in this book. Everything went so fast that I just didn’t have the time to really start loving these characters. They just went from strangers, to lovers in no time whatsoever, and I didn’t really like that. Especially since they were boss and employer. It just didn’t really sound believable to me. 

What I did love about this book was the setting on the Colorado Ranch. I just pictured it in my head as a beautiful, country, cowboy filled ranch and I loved that idea. I love cowboy stories, and the fact that Cole was a cowboy definitely made this read better for me. I just wished things moved a little slower in this book, so I could really get to know the characters.

Unfortunately this book just wasn’t for me.

My Rating:

About the Author:

MJ Summers currently resides in Canada, not far from the Rocky Mountains, with her husband, their three young children and goofy dog. When she is not writing, MJ enjoys reading, running, cross-country skiing, hiking, Zumba and yoga, as well as going out with her girlfriends for long giggly dinners every month. She and her husband love to sneak off to the mountains for the weekend. (This doesn't happen often, but it's always fun when it does.) 

For more information about 'Breaking Love' and MJ Summer please visit her website, Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter

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