Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Things You Didn’t Know About My Bookish Life #1

A little while back I was thinking about what kind of posts I wanted to make for the upcoming weeks. And I kept coming back to this ‘Things You Didn’t Know About My Bookish Life’. I love reading books and sharing them on my blog off course. But I thought it would be fun to share some other random bookish stuff about my life with you. 

Did you know that a view years ago I got my second tattoo and this time a bookish one? Yes. And it’s a big one. And I really really love it! As you can see in the picture, I even wore a wedding dress that showed off my bookish tattoo. Especially on the most important day of my life, I wanted to show off the tattoo that means so much to me. But why did I get this tattoo?

For more than one reason really. Yes, I wanted a tattoo that represented my love of books and reading. But it also had some other meanings. For one, it says ‘Once Upon A Time’.. I grew up loving fairytales and I read a lot of them. As a little girl I truly believed in fairytales and that I would one day find my prince charming. And I did find him thankfully, but life wasn’t always easy when I was growing up and I didn’t love my life and myself so much for a long time. And I lost faith in the whole fairytale concept. But one day I decided ‘Once Upon A Time’ means something even more to me now. I’ll write my own fairytale! I’ll work hard and will make sure I’ll have the life I want to and be happy!

And the birds, well.. They represent flying away and finding my own way in life. Not the life other's expect me to have, but the life I truly want. Doing the things that make me happy. 

And what they say about tattoos is right. When you’ve got one tattoo, you’ll want more. I have two now, and I’m still thinking about getting another one. Maybe a Harry Potter one? LOL!

Keep an eye on my blog for another Things You Didn’t Know About My Bookish Life post!


  1. Your tattoo is gorgeous! And I love the meaning behind it <3 Yes, I have definitely heard that tattoos are addictive lol, but I don't have any myself.

    1. Thanks Kristen. I'm very happy with the tattoo. I've had it for 3 years now. :D

  2. Nice tattoo, and the meaning behind it= very cool. :)

  3. What a great reason and just the right choice. While I wasn't big into fairytales, I could get a similar tattoo for the same reason. Books were indeed my escape.


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