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Review 'Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone' by J.K. Rowling

Years ago I read Harry Potter for the first time. I never reviewed the books though. And that's definitely not right if you've been an Book Blogger for over three years. So it's time to finally re-read and review my favorite books.
Harry Potter is an ordinary boy who lives in a cupboard under the stairs at his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon's house, which he thinks is normal for someone like him who's parents have been killed in a 'car crash'. He is bullied by them and his fat, spoilt cousin Dudley, and lives a very unremarkable life with only the odd hiccup (like his hair growing back overnight!) to cause him much to think about. That is until an owl turns up with a letter addressed to Harry and all hell breaks loose! He is literally rescued by a world where nothing is as it seems and magic lessons are the order of the day. Read and find out how Harry discovers his true heritage at Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, the reason behind his parents mysterious death, who is out to kill him, and how he uncovers the most amazing secret of all time, the fabled Philosopher's Stone! All this and muggles too. Now, what are they?

The Facts:

Publication Date:
June 30th, 1997
Harry Potter #1
YA, Fantasy, Fiction
eBook, Paperback, Hardcover, Audio
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My Review:

As many of you might already know, I’m a big Harry Potter fan. And over the years I’ve read ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ several times. I’ve read it for the first time almost twenty years ago, and this book truly changed my life. I’ve read it in Dutch, and I’ve read it in English. But I never really wrote a review about this book. And since this year is the 20 year anniversary of the first publication of the book, since I’ve joined the Wizarding World Book Club, and since I’m a book blogger I decided to re-read the series again and finally write those reviews. 

As a first book in a series, ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ to me is perfect. The book starts with a little history. Tragic but like something that is possible, and it immediately makes you want to read more. I for one, was immediately curious about The Boy Who Lived. What was really going on? Why did he survive? What really happened? I had so many questions that I just needed answers too. 

In ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, we get to know these amazing new characters for the first time. Off course we start with Harry, a brave and curious boy who had a disturbing past living in a cupboard under the stairs at his horrible aunt and uncle’s house. And Hagrid, the big friendly giant who is always there for Harry. And Ron, Harry’s best friend who doesn’t have a lot of money, but family and kindness he has for the ton.

Hermoine, the brilliant young woman who takes some getting used too but charms us all. And don’t let me forget Dumbledore, the mysterious headmaster who seems to know everything. And there are so much more characters that we got to meet in this first book. They all stole my heart from the beginning. 

What I loved most about this first book was the way the characters, and the setting was really put out there. It wasn’t a very long book, but from the very first page you’re grabbed into the pages and the story. Hogwarts soon became the place I wished I could really travel too. And even though I’ve read the book several times, I still get excited and anxious when I read these pages.  

J.K. Rowling really wrote a great first book that made me fall in love with the Harry Potter world. I’ve been a fan for years, and I will be for many years to come. I look forward to reading Harry Potter to my nieces and nephews, and I hope they will love this series as much as I do.

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About the Author:

Although she writes under the pen name J.K. Rowling, pronounced like rolling, her name when her first Harry Potter book was published was simply Joanne Rowling. Anticipating that the target audience of young boys might not want to read a book written by a woman, her publishers demanded that she use two initials, rather than her full name. As she had no middle name, she chose K as the second initial of her pen name, from her paternal grandmother Kathleen Ada Bulgen Rowling. She calls herself Jo and has said, "No one ever called me 'Joanne' when I was young, unless they were angry." Following her marriage, she has sometimes used the name Joanne Murray when conducting personal business. During the Leveson Inquiry she gave evidence under the name of Joanne Kathleen Rowling. In a 2012 interview, Rowling noted that she no longer cared that people pronounced her name incorrectly.

For more information about J.K. Rowling please visit her website. Or visit her on Twitter and Facebook.

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