Wednesday, August 16, 2017

My Favorite.. Thing About Summer

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There is one thing I look forward to all year. It’s in the summer time, and it’s something I can long for when it’s winter and cold and dreary. My Favorite Thing About Summer is definitely sitting on our balcony in the sun, my husband sitting next to me, our cat lying at my feet, birds signing, a nice drink, and a nice book in my hands. Yes!! There is nothing better than such a moment.. and during the rest of the year, I dream of that moment. Sigh..

Unfortunately the summer this year hasn't been all that good and there haven’t been many moments where I was able to sit on our balcony. And when the days are good, it’s mostly too hot for us to sit out there. (I know it’s a luxury problem, but still.) We are definitely looking forward to having a home with a nice garden someday. 

But for now I would be happy with a nice summer day, not to hot and not to cold.. and not having to work on that day would be nice too! LOL!!

What is your favorite thing about summer?

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  1. I can see why you like that best about summer! Sounds wonderful. Summers here generally mean triple digit temperatures (Fahrenheit), and so sitting outside and reading isn't much of an option. I do enjoy sitting outside and reading during the cooler fall and spring days. of course, winter is a good time to sit outside here too as it doesn't snow where I live.

    1. Triple digit temperatures? Yep, I get why you can't really read outside when it's so hot. I hope it gets a little warmer here before the summer is completely over.
      Thanks for visiting and joining!

  2. That sounds nice! The weather isn't as cooperative here.

    1. Unfortunately the weather hasn't been very cooperative here too this year.
      Thanks for stopping by and visiting.

  3. Replies
    1. It's the best feeling.. Especially when the weather is good.
      Thanks for visiting and signing up.

  4. While summer is classified as a season, in Texas summer is classified by the weather - the heat, specifically. It starts as early as the beginning of March some years. Temperatures break 90 degrees before the end of April, generally, and we have weeks-long streaks of 100+ degree days. Fall is typically nonexistent. Last year we didn't even have a winter. It only got down to freezing two days, and it was almost 80 degrees on Christmas. Swimming is the best reason to be out in the heat in the summer!

    1. Wow!! That's so different then the weather out here. Here it's rainy a lot, sometimes the temperatures are nice but almost never too hot. And there are years I don't swim at all! I love reading outside though. Someday I hope to have a nice garden to sit in with my book :D
      Thanks for stopping by and joining!


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