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The Mid-Year Freakout Book Tag

Thanks to Jo-Ann at Inspiration Pie for tagging me for The Mid-Year Freakout Book Tag. This awesome post was completely new to me, but how awesome is it to share the books I’ve read these last view months with you guys.

So before you guys go and check out my books, visit Inspiration Pie. It’s an awesome blog filled with all sorts of posts: reviews, Daily Walks and so much more.

1 - The Best Book You've Read So Far In 2017

Well, I didn’t have to think hard about that question. The best book I’ve read so far this year is definitely ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ by Sarah J. Maas. Off course I was way late in starting this series, but I devoured this book. I really loved everything about this story and the characters.  It was honestly one of the best Fantasy books I’ve read in at least a year. And I really can’t wait to read the next books in this series.

2 - You're Favorite Sequel This Year

My favorite sequel I read this year so far is definitely ‘Every Little Thing’ by Samantha Young. This is a Contemporary Romance book and the second one in the Hart’s Boardwalk series. I love Samantha Young’s writing. And this series is just amazing. I read the first book in this series ‘The One Real Thing’ in November of 2016 and couldn’t wait to read the next book. These books are centered around characters who life in the small town of Hartwell and if you haven’t read it you really should start reading as soon as possible.

3 - A New Release You Haven't Read But Really Want To

One of the newest releases I really want to read but haven’t yet is ‘Come Sundown’ by Nora Roberts. I love Nora Roberts, and in the last view years I’ve read several of her books. Her writing is just so exciting and thrilling and I really need to read this book. And don’t you just love this cover by Piatkus.  

4 - Most Anticipated Release For The Second Half of the Year

One of the books I’m really looking forward to read this year is the new J.D. Robb novel that will be published in September ‘Secrets In Death’. Although I haven’t read all the book in the In Death series I really loved the books I did read and I can’t wait to read more Lieutenant Eve Dallas.

5 - Biggest Disappointment

I think my biggest disappointment this year so far has got to be ‘Two by Two’ by Nicholas Sparks. I love Nicholas Sparks and I was so excited to read this new book by him. But unfortunately I had many issues with this read. For one the characters weren’t very easy to like at all. This book got better near the end, but I really had my hopes set up much higher for this one.

6 - Biggest Surprise

My biggest surprise this year is definitely ‘Silent Waters’ by Brittainy C. Cherry. I listened to this one on audio, and what an amazing story it was. I was literarily blown away by this one. ‘Silent Waters’ is definitely a book I’ll remember for a long time.

7 - Favorite New Author (Debut Or New To You)

My favorite new author is definitely Sarah J. Maas. Like I said before I just loved her book ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’, and I really want to read more books by her. She had such an amazing way of writing, I just need more!

8 - Your New Fictional Crush

My favorite book crush this year so far is definitely Brooks from ‘Silent Waters'. What an amazing character. I loved how kind, sweet and loving he was and I just couldn’t read enough about him. If only more people would be like him, this world would be a much better place. Definitely a swoon-worthy character.

9 - A Book That Made You Cry

Hmm.. I haven't cried about a book this year so far to be honest. I cried while reading 'Me Before You', but that was last year. No bookish tears so far..

10 - A Book That Made You Happy

There are many books that make me happy. But one of the books I remember making me feel happy lately was 'A Tapping At My Door' by David Jackson. I was really in the mood for a good Crime novel, and this book was really really good. And definitely a series I want to read more books of.

11 - Your Favorite Book To Movie Adaption That You've Seen This Year

Although I looooove movies. I haven’t seen many new movies lately. Planning our wedding took away all my movie watching time. So no book to movie adaptions this year so far for me.

12 - Favorite Book Post You Published This Year

Well, it’s not really one post. But this year I started my weekly meme ‘My Favorite..’, and it’s been really fun so far. I love sharing something positive each week, and slowly on more people are joining which makes it even better for me.

13 - The Most Beautiful Book You Have Bought/ Received This Year

The most beautiful book I received was definitely ‘Talking As Fast As I Can' by Lauren Graham. The book isn’t exactly beautiful, but it is really fun to read. And as a huge Gilmore Girls fan I was super excited to be able to receive this book in exchange for a review. I couldn’t stop talking about is for weeks.

14 - What Are Some Books That You Need To Read By The End Of The Year

This year I really would like to finish reading the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I’ve read ‘Cinder’ and ‘Scarlet’, but I really need to finish this series. I feel like I’m missing out, and I loved the first two books in the series. And I have the books waiting on me on my bookshelf.

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My Favorite.. Book Movie Adaption

My Favorite.. is a weekly meme hosted by Maureen’s Books. In this meme we share every week something we love with each other. Because let’s face it.. The world can be a dark place and it’s time to share something positive. For more info: My Favorite Meme.

I’m one of those people who is always the last to know about a great book that is being filmed. I didn’t used to be like that. I read Harry Potter and Twilight when it wasn’t popular yet.. but somehow I lost that touch. Nowadays I see a new movie poster and realize it’s a book originally. I then race to the nearest bookstore to grab a copy of the book, or I’ll plan to buy the book ASAP and then go see the movie. Well.. That doesn’t really work all that well when you live a busy life.

But I did see a view book movie adaptions. Most of the time the movie is good, but the book is always better. I love all the Harry Potter movies, but the books are definitely better. My favorite Book Movie Adaption has to be ‘The Notebook’ by Nicholas Sparks. The book is good and I loved reading it. But that movie… I can’t watch that movie without feeling like my heart is breaking over and over again. It’s such a good and beautiful movie. And those actors are perfect for the role they play.

I definitely need to see that movie again someday soon. 

Which Book Movie Adaption is your favorite? And why?

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20 Things I Love About Harry Potter

As some of you might know I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. I’ve devoured the books many times, I’ve seen the movies several times and I just love everything about Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling. So since yesterday was the 20 year anniversary, of the day the first book ‘Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone’ was published. I thought it would be fun to share with you 20 things I love about Harry Potter.  

1.      I love the World J.K. Rowling created. I love the idea of wizards living between us normal ‘muggles’. Although there are definitely some bad people living in the world J.K. Rowling created, I would love to be a part of the wizard community.  

2.      I love Hogwarts. I am a total geek who loves to learn and make projects and do homework (Yep I admit it) and being able to learn and life at Hogwarts would be simply amazing. Not only is Hogwarts a beautiful castle, but is also is filled with mystery and beautiful objects. Yes, I’m still waiting on my acceptance letter. 

3.      I love how each school year is a new book. It really feels like I’m a part of the Harry Potter world since I’ve been with Harry Potter for all of his school years. And I loved reading how each school year went for Harry. 

4.      I love the friendships in Harry Potter. Not only the friendship between Harry, Ron and Hermoine, but also the friendship between Harry and Neville and Luna Lovegood. 

5.      I love Quidditch. I love that J.K. Rowling created this whole new sport. I’m not a big fan of sports in general, but I would definitely go see a game of Quidditch. 

6.      I love Hagrid. Who doesn’t love this big, kind and a bit strange man who charmed us from the moment he brought Harry to life with the Dursleys. I loved reading about him in the different books. He definitely stole my heart. 

7.      I love Hedwig. I always had a thing for owls. They just have this mysterious magical feeling about them. And I love that Harry Potter has this beautiful Snow Owl. The scenes with Hedwig in the movies are just breathtaking. 

8.      I love how Harry was never arrogant about who he was. Everyone is the wizarding world knew who he was, but he always stayed the way he was. He never took anything for granted. And he never felt better than others. 

9.      I love the Hogwarts library and all those books that are supposedly there. I wish I could visit that library. I would love to browse through those corridors and read all those books. Even the weird ones. That would definitely be my book bloggers dream.

When I received my two wands :D
10.   I love Albus Dumbledore. Yes, that character really was my hero throughout the Harry Potter books. Most of the times I didn’t really get him, but I loved how mysterious and wise he was. I literarily cried for days when Albus Dumbledore died in ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’. 

11.   I love House Elves, and especially Dobby. Don’t you just love that small, ugly but kind creature who tried to save Harry Potter? Although his help doesn’t always work out the way he wants too, he at least tries his best.  

12.   I love the Weasleys. Throughout the Harry Potter series my favorite wizard family were definitely the Weasleys. I just love those redheaded, kind and warm people. Arthur and Molly definitely stole my hearts when they treated Harry like he was one of their own. 

13.   I love Professor Snape. Severus Snape was one of those characters that I hated but also loved. In the first view books hating him was my top feeling, but slowly throughout the series I became to love him more. I still feel like there is so much more about his character then we got know.  

14.   I love the different foods and drinks we got to know in the series. Butterbeer, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, Chocolate Frogs, Cauldron Cake.. I wish we could try them all. 

15.   I love platform 9 ¾. I know it’s just a train station, but I always loved the idea of this magical place just next to the ‘muggles’. 

When I visited Platform 9 3/4 with my husband
16.   I love the Forbidden Forest. Throughout the books Harry visited the Forest several times and I always loved finding out what kind of creatures we got to meet. Although some creatures were definitely a little scary, I would love to walk there and see these magical creatures. 

17.   I love Diagon Alley. Wouldn’t you love to shop there? I know I do. If only that place would really exist. One day I hope to visit the Harry Potter parks in London or Orlando and the Diagon Alley they created there. 

18.   I love Hermoine. I love Harry and Ron too off course. But my favorite character has always been Hermoine. I loved how well-read and smart she is. If Hermoine really would exist I would definitely want to be here friend.  

19.   I love how even after all these years I still keep wondering about things in the Harry Potter world. How are the characters doing? Who is teaching at Hogwarts? Is Hagrid still the gamekeeper? 

20.   I love that Harry Potter and it’s fans are still as ‘alive’ now as when it was years ago. I love that children now still get to experience Harry Potter and become fans. I love that there is still so much happening around Harry Potter, thinking of new movies and attractions all over the world. 

Me and my Mom at the Harry Potter Exhibition.

There are still many more reasons why I love everything about Harry Potter. I’ve recently joined the Wizarding World Book Club where we get to re-read the books again, and talk and discuss with each other everything there is about the books. I love it.  

Have you read Harry Potter? And what do you love the most about this amazing book series?

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Review 'Mine' by A.N. Senerella
Anika Mason—simple name. Brown hair—average color. Blue eyes—she wished they were brown. But somehow she's attracted the attention of the new boy at highschool, and he is becoming quite obsessive and possessive over her. She needs to figure out how to get rid of him, fast. But when she's forced to lie about having a boyfriend to get him to leave her alone, she gives the name of the biggest player in the school; Brady Morrison. Not only did she not like him, but he barely knew she existed. And now she had to pretend she was dating him. Wonderful.

The Facts:

Publication Date:
June 21st, 2017
YA Romance
eBook, Paperback
Available at:

My Review:

A little while back I received an a review request for ‘Mine’ by A.N. Senerella. This book sounded very interesting, and I loved the cover so I added it to my TBR. I hadn’t read many YA Romance novels lately, so it was definitely time to check this book out.

In ‘Mine’ we meet Anika, a sixteen year old girl who really isn’t one of the popular girls. Anika has two best friends, and she has a pretty bad morning temper. One day a new guy arrives at Anika’s High School, and from the moment he walks in his eyes are on Anika. Foster is kind of weird. He seems obsessed with Anika, and he is really honest. Things that aren’t usual for high school teens.
To get Foster away from her, Anika claims she is dating Brady. But now she has to make sure Foster believes she is really dating Brady.

This book was very easy to read. From the moment I started, I found myself wondering what was going to happen and I just didn’t want to stop reading. Anika was a different teen than you normally read about, she is living on her own and she is definitely opinionated. Definitely enough to keep me fascinated for a while.

But the three guys surrounding Anika were just weird. Foster, Brady and her best friend Mitchell were all just strange. They all had these stalker kind of qualities and they freaked me out. And I honestly wondered, while reading, if this book would have some paranormal elements in it. It didn’t, but I just didn’t really understand this book. And in the end I didn’t really get what the ‘message’ of this book was.

Thankfully, Anika was one character I loved to read about and I kept wondering what would happen and which direction this book would take so I couldn’t stop reading till I finished it. But I would have loved to feel and understand the romance in this book a little more.

My Rating:

About the Author:

A.N. Senerella is an upcoming author from Colorado, USA. For more information please visit Facebook and Twitter.

I received this book from Inkitt in exchange for my honest review.

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The Sunday Post #54: WWBookCLub

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer ~ Its a chance to share news ~ A Post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.


This week has been a nice and quiet week. I’ve had to work and it has been very hot here. Not so bad, since it is summer and I love going outside without having to wear a jacket.. but unfortunately our home gets very very hot during the summer. And after the hot temperatures this week, our home got almost unbearably hot. Thankfully we received an AC from my husband’s best friend, which made our house temperature a lot better to deal with.

Tuesday I went to the airport to pick up my mom and her boyfriend. They had been on vacation for over two weeks, and it’s definitely nice that they are back now. I missed talking to my mom regularly. 

This weekend I have to work the nightshift, so I’ll probably visit you guys throughout the week instead of on Sunday.  

Books & Blogging:
Can you tell that I got excited about joining the WWBookClub? LOL!!
Reading wise it has been another good week. I’ve got some reading done. And I got super excited about the Pottermore announcement of the start of the Wizarding World Book Club!! Off course I joined, so next to my ‘normal’ reads I’m now re-reading the Harry Potter books. And that just makes me very happy! Sigh..

Blogging wise I have been able to make some posts for next week. Which is pretty good for me. And I also joined some blog tours and received some nice new books. Life is definitely good at the blogging front.

Last week I was tagged by Jo-Ann at Inspiration Pie to join the Mid-Year Freakout Book Tag. My post will follow in the upcoming week and I’m planning on tagging a view of you guys! ;)

I hope you all have a great week!

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Book Blitz 'All That Glitters' by Tracy Krimmer

This is my stop during the book blitz for All That Glitters by Tracy Krimmer. This book blitz is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. The book blitz runs from 19 till 25 June. See the tour schedule here: 

About the Book:
Country-music star, Dory Walker, never wanted to come back to the small town of Sycamore Bay. But after her fairy-tale life is flipped upside down, and her marriage becomes a casualty, she has no choice.

Harris Malone is a man with few commitments. He keeps a low profile most days while he cares for his young daughter and helps run his dad’s hardware store.

But when he and Dory run into each other at the local gas station, all either can think about is the searing kiss they shared many years ago.

Can a woman who only wants to rekindle her career and a man who enjoys a no-strings attached lifestyle find everlasting love?

The Facts:

Publication Date:
June 1st, 2017
Songs of the Heart #1
Contemporay Romance, Women’s Fiction
eBook, Paperback
Available at:



I still had a key to the house. It never left my keychain after all these years. I found it on my Jason Segel keychain and steadied it in my hand. Ever since How I Met Your Mother I fell in love with Jason Segel’s quirkiness. The second I passed my driver’s test I ran to the novelty store and found the keychain. I adored the romance between him and Alyson Hannigan, and I hoped one day to find a Marshall to my Lily. I thought I had that in Dylan.
I gripped the chain in my hand. This had been a part of me for so long, one of the only things left from home.
The first few steps up the porch proved difficult. How could I even ask my grandmother to live there? The news of my split with Dylan cluttered social media, but my grandma stayed away from all electronics. She probably hadn’t even heard. I hoped seeing me surprised her in a good way.
I pulled open the screen door and put my hand on the knob. I turned it, but nothing happened. My hand shook as I slid the key into the lock and turned, releasing a breath. She didn’t change the locks on me. I took that as a positive.
I stepped inside to the foyer, pine and lemon filling my nose. My grandmother loved to clean, a complete opposite of my messy tendencies. The slate floor brought a sense of peace, its various colors of maroon, blue, and green bringing back memories of when I would play with matchbox cars, pretending the grout lines were the streets.
The blanket on the back of the couch wasn’t folded, and when I reached the kitchen, dishes filled the sink. This wasn’t like her, to leave such a mess. Though once I moved out, possibly she changed her ways. Either way, I folded the blanket and started in on the dishes. If I planned to ask her to allow me to live here, I had to show I could hold my own.
Fifteen minutes later, after the last dish was washed, dried, and put away, I walked into my old bedroom.
Nothing had changed. The polka dotted comforter was still on my bed, my old white desk against the wall. My closet was still covered in photos of Jason Segel, The Rock, and Ryan Reynolds. Even the bright green shag rug sat in the center of my room, next to the bed.
I fell back onto my bed. The bed where Harris Malone first kissed me. And the last time. They were the same exact time. One and the same. He was the only boy I ever kissed besides Dylan Booth. After Harris kissed me, he made up with his girlfriend, Jody. They got married after graduation, and she got pregnant right away. They probably moved out of town and had two or three more kids, a happily ever after I would never see.
I shook thoughts of Harris out of my mind. Why did I think of him after all these years? One man I cared for broke my heart by choosing another, and the other took everything away from me.
What did everyone think of me? I was the one to break out from the town. I left this place and made a better life for myself, if only temporarily. In all my interviews, I never talked about Sycamore Bay. I wasn’t ashamed. Not at all. There just wasn’t a lot here, nothing to discuss.
I turned my head toward my bulletin board, pictures tacked up, leaving no empty spaces. Most of the smiles looking back at me were of me and Tammy. I missed her so much. My best friend since I started school and now I couldn’t feel more distant from her. Our calls to one another started off daily, then weekly, and monthly, until they eventually disappeared. I couldn’t say who made the last phone call, but a day didn’t pass when I thought of her.
Best friends are supposed to be forever. That’s what our necklace claimed, anyway. My half that held the -st from best, and the -nds from friends, still hung on the corner of my bulletin board. Did she keep her half? Did she live in Sycamore Bay? She never talked about leaving like I did, but her dreams weren’t as quite as big as mine, either. I wanted to see her, though if I did, I didn’t know what I would even say. At this point, she was a stranger.
I laid back on my bed and stared up at the ceiling. The stars my grandma stuck up there when I was nine remained. Whenever I turned off my light, they glowed, and I’d stare at them for hours. So many stars in the sky, each unique and full of destiny. I wanted more than anything to be part of those stars.
            I never realized becoming one would destroy me.


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About the Author:

Tracy's love of writing began at nine years old. She wrote stories about aliens at school, machines that did homework for you, and penguins. Now she pens books and short stories about romance. She loves to read a great book, whether it be romance or science fiction, or any genre in between, or pop popcorn and catch up on her favorite TV shows or movies. She's been known to crush a candy or two as well. Her loves include fitness, reading, coffee, dogs, and naps (not in that order), and her dislikes are blue cheese, cold weather, and burpees.

For more information about Tracy Krimmer please visit her website. Or visit her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Bookbub. Or sign up for her newsletter.

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Review 'Someone To Love' by Mary Balogh
Humphrey Westcott, Earl of Riverdale, has died, leaving behind a fortune that will forever alter the lives of everyone in his family—including the daughter no one knew he had...

Anna Snow grew up in an orphanage in Bath knowing nothing of the family she came from. Now she discovers that the late Earl of Riverdale was her father and that she has inherited his fortune. She is also overjoyed to learn she has siblings. However, they want nothing to do with her or her attempts to share her new wealth. But the new earl’s guardian is interested in Anna…

Avery Archer, Duke of Netherby, keeps others at a distance. Yet something prompts him to aid Anna in her transition from orphan to lady. As London society and her newfound relatives threaten to overwhelm Anna, Avery steps in to rescue her and finds himself vulnerable to feelings and desires he has hidden so well and for so long.

The Facts:

Publication Date:
November 8th, 2016
Westcott #1
Historical Romance
eBook, Paperback, Hardcover, Audio
Available at:

My Review:

I just love Historical Romance novels. There is just something about those books that makes me feel happy.  I definitely feel like I’m traveling through time when I read a Historical Romance novel, and the romance just always has this almost magical feel about it. And the books I’ve read by Mary Balogh, were really good, so when the time came I grabbed my copy of ‘ Someone To Love’ and started reading.

In ‘ Someone To Love’ we meet Anna Snow. Anna has lived in a orphanage all her life and is now a teacher. One day Anna receives a letter that will change her life forever. Anna Snow is really the daughter of a very rich Earl, and she is the one who inherits all his money. In a blink of the eye Anna is one of the richest woman and soon she has to learn everything there is to know about the ‘ton’. Thankfully, Avery Archer, Duke of Netherby is there to help Anna out.

Just like the other books I read by Mary Balogh, ‘Someone To Love’ is a very nice and easy to read book. I took me a little time to get into the story, but when I did I was definitely fascinated by this read.
The whole Young-woman-living-in-an-orphanage part had a big cinderella feel about it and I really enjoyed reading Anna’s story.

The romance between Anna and Avery was something I just didn’t really ‘feel’. I just couldn’t really feel the chemistry between those two and I kept wondering if I somehow missed the whole falling in love bit. It was all very sudden and unexpected. It was still a nice romance story to read, but I just didn’t really got the feeling.

Anna was definitely a nice character. She was a very strong woman, who didn’t really seem to fit into her time. She was very opinionated and really just wanted to have a family of her own.
Avery was very mysterious, and still was this way at the end. I enjoyed reading about him, but I still feel like I don’t know him at all. And the whole Chinese fight stuff, just felt a little weird to me.

Overall ‘Someone To Love’ was a nice Historical Romance novel with a good story, and some nice characters.

My Rating:

About the Author:

Mary Jenkins was born in 1944 in Swansea, Wales, UK. After graduating from university, moved to Saskatchewan, Canada, to teach high school English, on a two-year teaching contract in 1967. She married her Canadian husband, Robert Balogh, and had three children, Jacqueline, Christopher and Sian. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading, music and knitting. She also enjoys watching tennis and curling.

Mary Balogh started writing in the evenings as a hobby. Her first book, a Regency love story, was published in 1985 as A Masked Deception under her married name. In 1988, she retired from teaching after 20 years to pursue her dream to write full-time. She has written more than seventy novels and almost thirty novellas since then, including the New York Times bestselling 'Slightly' sextet and 'Simply' quartet. She has won numerous awards, including Bestselling Historical of the Year from the Borders Group, and her novel Simply Magic was a finalist in the Quill Awards. She has won seven Waldenbooks Awards and two B. Dalton Awards for her bestselling novels, as well as a Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award.

For more information about Mary Balogh please visit her website. Or visit her on Facebook.

I received this book from the Little, Brown Book Group in exchange for my honest review.
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