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Review 'More Than A Slave' by Anaëlle Gadeyne
Alexander Anderson has a reputation that would strike fear into the heart of the devil himself. And now, Aria Starbird is his property.

Aria has spent only a few months as a lowly slave, but already her happy childhood memories were starting to fade under the weight of her brutal existence.
When she is sold to Lord Anderson at an auction, she cannot help but be afraid. Lord Anderson is known for his cruelty. He is fiendish and handsome and as wicked as he is wealthy.

However, as she gets to know her new master, she realizes there is more to him than meets the eye. Over time, she is able to penetrate his tough exterior, and begins to understand the struggle of a man who believes love is a weakness, but whose heart is now yearning for something unknown.

As the two let down their walls and discover each other’s truths, will Aria be able to tame Alexander's inner-beast?

The Facts:

Publication Date:
March 8th, 2017
Historical Romance
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My Review:

A view weeks ago I was asked to review ‘More Than A Slave’. To be honest I was a little unsure of this read. I love romance novel, and I also really love historical romance novels. This sounded like a nice Historical Romance story but the whole Slave bit confused me a little. But I decided to give this book a try.

In ‘More Than A Slave’ we meet Aria Starbird. Aria is a slave. Her parents sold her a view months ago after they tried everything else to get by. They thought they sold her to a nice gentleman who would take care of her. But nothing was less true. Aria’s life has been one horrific event after the other. But she still has her voice.
One afternoon Aria is auctioned and sold to Lord Anderson. Aria has heard of Alexander Anderson, he supposedly is a monster and very aggressive. But Aria soon finds out there is much more to this man than meets the eye.

I’m really torn writing this review. Why you ask? Well, because on the one hand I really disliked this book, but on the other hand I really enjoyed it. There were many moments while reading this book, that I just didn’t get it. It felt at times like there were two stories entwined into one. The whole slave bit was just terrible. I didn’t get it at all. The violence towards these slaves where just horrific. But then there was the romance between Aria and Alexander and I would love those two together.

What I especially didn’t get was why there had to be such violence in this book? The romance alone was enough to make this book very interesting and fun to read. I get the whole ‘bad-guy’ versus ‘cinderella’ kind of girl part, but this was too much. Alexander could have been only rude and slightly aggressive, that would have made the point too. But the whole love torturing bit was just too much. Which really is too bad because I loved the relationship between Aria and Alexander.

The romance between Aria and Alexander was the reason I kept reading this book. I loved those two together, and I loved reading how they seemed to make each other better. It was really fun to read how they slowly got to know each other. It was a little frustrating to read how easily they made these wrong conclusions about what the other one did and why. But I kind of understood those insecurities.

There were some great other characters in this book. Alexanders siblings and their love interests.. I really enjoyed reading about those characters. But with them there were also these violent bits I just didn’t get. 

This book would have totally been a five star read for me without the slave bit, and the violence. I honestly think this book would have been much better if Aria was a maid. Maids are common in Historical Romance novels. Slavery and how violent everyone was around them, I don’t need to read about that in a romance book. Or any other book for that matter.

My Rating:

About the Author:

Anaëlle Gadeyna is a 19 year old French writer. ‘More Than A Slave’ is her first book. 

For more information about Anaëlle please visit her on Facebook or Twitter.

I received this book from Inkitt in exchange for my honest review.

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