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Review 'Justice by Another Name' by E.C. Hanes

Set against the backdrop of North Carolina s powerful hog-producing industry, Justice by Another Name tells the story of Paul Reavis’s suspicious workplace death followed a year later by a senseless death of his young son Paulie. Lana Reavis, who believes her husband was murdered and her son the victim of deliberate negligence, enlists the aid of her long-ago boyfriend, Will Moser, who is currently chief deputy of Hogg County and the heir apparent to the local sheriff.

As Will s investigation unfolds, suspicious activities and cover-ups begin to emerge. All evidence points to Oris Martin, the powerful owner of Martin Farms, a huge hog-production enterprise and Hogg County s largest employer, as the mastermind. Despite political pressure and physical threats to look the other way, Will continues his search for what really happened. Meanwhile, Lana, convinced that Oris will be beyond the reach of justice, devises a plan to avenge her family and destroy everything precious to Oris Martin.

The Facts:

Publication Date:
March 7th, 2017
Mystery, Crime
eBook, Paperback
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My Review:

A little while back I received a review request for ‘Justice by Another Name’ by E.C. Hanes. After I read the book description I was immediately fascinated by this read and planned my review. And this book came right on time, since I was really in the mood for a crime mystery novel.

In ‘Justice by Another Name’ we meet Will Moser, chief deputy of Hogg Country. Will’s best friend Paul died after an accident a year ago. Things were a little suspicious then, but when Paul’s son Paulie dies after a hog farm dam brakes things seem even more suspicious to Will.  Will Moser is determined to find out what is really going on and he doesn’t care if people don’t like him asking questions. 

From the moment I started reading ‘Justice by Another Name’ I really enjoyed the story. The writing was easy to follow and kept me interested, the characters where interesting to get to know and there was plenty of mystery to keep me hooked. On moments when I found myself slipping away a little, something happened that grabbed my attention right back. There were definitely plenty of twists and turns in this book.

The main character Will Moser, was one I loved early on. He really was kind, wanted to know the truth above all else and he loved passionately. Will Moser definitely fascinated me, and I would love to read more about this chief deputy. 

The part about the hog production industry wasn’t really that interesting to me, but I enjoyed reading and finding out how much the author must have learned about this field of work. I can’t imagine the smell that must hang around these kind of farms.

'Justice by Another Name’ is a good, fun mystery that I would definitely recommend to other readers out there. That cover is the only thing that doesn’t really work for me. This book deserves a much more interesting looking cover.

My Rating:

About the Author:

I was born on November 29th 1945 to James Gordon Hanes Jr. and Helen Copenhaver Hanes and named after my mother’s father, Eldridge Copenhaver.

To keep myself smiling along my journey, I also have pursued a number of hobbies. I have been a member of the American Orchid Society for thirty years and have managed to keep a rather large orchid collection alive for the same period. I played competitive Polo for ten years with a one goal rating. Excessive broken appendages and stitches forced me to swap my polo mallets for a set of golf clubs and for the past twenty years have pursued hitting a small ball that is lying still. I have fly fished in both salt water and fresh since I was a young man and continue to do so wherever and whenever time will permit. Wing shooting has been a passion for my whole life, ever since I got a double on Bob White quail and praise from my grandfather. I am currently a licensed scuba diver and was an airplane pilot for a number of years, at least until I realized that flying was no hobby. I have skied for many years and managed to break those few bones left in-tact during my polo excursions. Finally, I began to write seriously in 1997 after I lost the State Senate race. I joined the North Carolina Writers Network in 1998 and have pursued my study and practice of writing ever since.

For more information please visit E.C. Hanes website. Or visit him on Facebook and Twitter.

I received this book from Smith Publicity in exchange for my honest review.

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