Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Favorite.. Animated Movie

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I love watching movies. I love going to the movie theater to watch all the new movies, but I also love watching movies at home, on the cough with my guy sitting next to me. It’s just a lot of fun getting lost in another world, another era. Seeing great places, visiting different countries. Just as reading, watching movies is a great way to get lost and forget your own life for a little while. And animated movies are definitely one of my favorite kinds of movies. Nowadays with all that technology there is so much possible and it’s just great to see what people can come up with. 

But my all-time favorite animated movie is the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. I love that movie. I must have watched Beauty and the Beast probably hundreds of times while growing up. Beauty was, and still is one of my favorite characters. She loves books and reading, is very kind and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. But most of all I love how she doesn’t care how someone looks.

The romance of Beauty and the Beast wasn’t lost on me, even as a little girl. I loved the idea of someone being able to change in your prince charming. Whaha.. I must have dreamed of being Beauty myself hundreds of times. 

And then that library.. Watching the library in Beauty and the Beast definitely made me love libraries even more. Who doesn’t want one of those right?!
The music in Beauty and the Beast is also amazing. I love listening to those songs. They always make me feel happy.

The new version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is almost out here too and I can’t wait to see it. Seeing one of my favorite actresses portraying one of my favorite characters is something I can’t wait to see.  

What is your favorite Animated Movie?

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  1. We're going to see the new one this weekend.

    1. That's awesome. It won't be out here till the 28th I think.
      Thanks for stopping by and joining up again! ;)

  2. I hope you enjoy the new film, Maureen! We saw it this past weekend and will be going again tomorrow (with my daughter's Girl Scout troop). I thought it was very well done. The animated version is one of my favorite Disney animated films too. :-)

    1. I can't wait to go! I'm hearing so many great things about it. I must have seen the animated version at least a dosen times. Sigh..

  3. I'm not sure what my favorite animated movie is- I'd have to think about that! But beauty & the Beast is a good one, and yeah that library- pretty nice. :)

    1. That library is definitely my life goal! Whahaha..
      Thanks for stopping by!


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