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Review 'When My Ship Comes In' by Sue Wilsher
Keep the family together, that's what her old mum always said. Put up and shut up. And that's what everyone else did around there.

Essex, 1959. Flo earns her money as a scrubber, cleaning the cruise ships and dreaming of a day when she might sail away from her life in the Dwellings, the squalid tenements of Tilbury docks. Then the Blundell family are evicted from their home.

Fred, Flo's husband, finds work at Monday's, a utopian factory town. Suddenly, it seems like everything is on the up for Flo Blundell and her children. Even Jeanie, Flo's sulking teenage daughter, seems to be thawing a little in her shiny new surroundings.

But when Flo's abusive husband Fred starts drinking again, he jeopardises the family's chance to escape poverty for good.

Flo is faced with a terrible decision. Must she fight to keep her family together? Or could she strive for the life of her dreams - the kind of life she could have when her ship comes in?

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Publication Date:
September 22nd, 2016
Historical Fiction
eBook, Paperback, Hardcover, Audio
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My Review:

I read all kinds of books. Mystery, Crime, Thrillers, Romance, Historical.. I love all kinds of books. So when I received ‘When My Ship Comes In’ I was intrigued by the book description and started reading as fast as I could. 

In ‘When My Ship Comes In’ we meet Flo. Flo is a wife, mom of three and hard worker living in the fifties. Life is hard on Flo. Her husband Fred is an abusive, drunk with a bad temper. But times are very different back then. Flo isn’t able to leave her husband, and must endear the things he does. But when Fred loses his job again, he is forced to leave the town he knows to find other work. Thankfully Fred finds a job at Monday’s. There everything is almost too good to be true. At Monday’s they get work for Flo and her girls too, and a nice home where they can live with luxuries Flo and her family has never known. But soon Fred is getting out of control again, and Flo and her family can lose everything they’ve worked for.

Well, this book wasn’t a feel good one for sure. I definitely had a hard time reading this story at times, but I also couldn’t stop until I knew how this story would end. Woman definitely had a hard time back then, and I can’t imagine living the way Flo did. There where moments while I was reading this book, I wanted to scream at Flo to stand up to her husband. But I realize times where very different back then. It’s hard to understand though..

I was happy to read when Flo seemed to grow as a person, and finally started to realize she had to change their life. In the end she did what she had to do, and I actually felt proud of her.

Sue Wilsher definitely has a way of writing, and I’m amazed this book was her first novel. Although I couldn’t really relate to the characters in this book, since my life has been so much easier, I wanted to know what was going to happen to them. And I really felt like I was a part of the story.
I enjoyed reading this book through Flo and her daughters Jeanie’s eyes. They didn’t realize but they were really alike, and in the end they were both very strong. 

‘When My Ship Comes In’ was a story I won’t forget for a while. And I realize even more how lucky I am to be able to life the way I do.

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About the Author:

Sue Wilsher grew up in South Essex near a shoe factory and the Thames estuary. The factory housed its workers, including Sue's grandparents and mother. Sue's debut novel When My Ship Comes In is set in 1950s Essex and centres around a downtrodden docker's wife who joins a young wives club and is challenged to train for a 'man's job'. She must decide whether to sacrifice her dreams of a better life to keep her family together. Sue now lives in Kent with her family. Her second novel, due to be released in 2017, is also set in fifties Essex.

For more information about Sue Wilsher please visit her on Twitter and Facebook.

I received this book from the Little, Brown Book Group in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I'm going through a huge "NOT feel good" time right now with books. Not sure why but I'm reading books that are really shaking me. So this sounds like one I would enjoy right now. I also enjoy to read about hardships women had to endure because as you said makes me appreciate the times I live in now. Great review!

    1. Then you would definitely enjoy this one. And it's definitely about hardships for women.. It made me mad sometimes while reading. Us woman really need to work so much harder than man sometimes. Sigh.. It's a great read! ;)


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