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Review 'Reaper's Claim' by Simone Elise
In my motorcycle club I’ve earned the name ‘Reaper’ and now I have my claim on Abby Harrison.

I didn’t know what love was, but I knew what want was, and I wanted Abby. When I walked out of the club and saw her I was stone cold sober. She was quietly beautiful and unlike any other woman I’d had before. But she was the daughter of the president of Satan’s Sons MC and completely out of my reach.

Everyone knew The Reaper and how he got his name, so I never expected him to be my salvation when my sisters drunk boyfriend wanted to lay hands on me. I thought my innocence would be lost in that alley, until he showed up and saved me. I know being with Reaper will lead to trouble, but I don’t know if I have the strength to stay away.

Being together might be dangerous, but outlaws are meant to break the rules.

The Facts:

Publication Date:
February 15th, 2017
Satan’s Sons #1
Contemporary Romance
Available at:

My Review:

When I first read the book description of ‘Reaper’s Claim’ this book sounded like a very fun read. I haven’t read many MC novels, but the ones I did read I loved so I decided to accept the review request and started reading as fast as I could.

To me this is a very hard review to write because I had so many different feelings about this book. But I’m going to try to write them down the best I can. When I started reading ‘Reaper’s Claim’ I found myself being easily fascinated by the characters. Abby is the daughter of a MC leader and she has always been surrounded by dangerous man. I loved how she was able to stand up to these crazy man.
Reaper was a tough, mysterious guy who had a big soft spot for Abby, and I loved reading things from his point of view. He was a little scary but there was so much mystery surrounding his character which I really liked. 

One of my biggest issues with this read was the on and off relationship between Abby and Reaper. There were so many times that they got together, and bam they broke up again. I get this point if it happens one or two times. But in ‘Reaper’s Claim’ it must have happened at least five times. It really irritated me. So much so that I really didn’t like reading this book a view times.

My other issue was that this book was very long. It just didn’t seem to end. But the publicist let me know that they are going to split the book in two books. Which really is a great idea and will make this read much easier to read to other readers I think.
And the last issue I had was that there were just a view moments in this book that I felt like I was missing a bit. For example the moment Reaper comes back into Abby life after two years. There is no mentioning of how these characters felt after seeing each other again after a long absence. No, they just look at each other and talk like nothing happens. I just didn’t get that. 

Rating this book is extra hard. I did enjoy several moments about this read. But most of all I just felt a little frustrated. Although I first wanted to go for the two star rating, I think it is impressive that the characters where interesting enough to keep me wanting to finish this read, so I’m going for three stars.

My Rating:

About the Author:

My name is Simone, most know me as Explode. My passions are writing, tattoos and my family. Writing to me, is an outlet. I write every day, regardless of my mood or commitments. I can’t say I get inspiration for my books. They come to me out of nowhere and then I plot it out and before I know it I’m ten chapters deep.

I think everyone has a story in them but only certain people are able to tell them. Writing is an art and my work are far from masterpieces; but I still enjoy writing them. 

For more information about Simone Elise please visit her website. Or visit her on Twitter.

I received this book from Inkitt in exchange for my honest review.

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