Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My Favorite.. Childhood Memory

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This had to be the most difficult My Favorite.. I had to write so far. Not because I don’t have any good childhood memories, but more because I really don’t have a good memory and don’t remember much. Some people say I have a selective memory, and maybe that’s true, but I had to think a while before I thought of My Favorite.. childhood memory. But after thinking about it I can say one thing for sure.. My favorite childhood memory is Wesley!

Wesley in my grandfather's garden!
A guy I hear you asking? No, he was our dog. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel we got when I was eight years old. And I loved that dog more than anything! I remember we got to pick him up at a small ‘farm like’ house filled with lots of puppies and dogs. I remember the owner of the house had this big fluffy couch and everywhere you looked there were puppies coming out of the couch, lying on top of the couch, between the couch.. It was a sight. 

I remember the day we got to pick him up. He was so small and soft and I was in complete awe. I remember that day because that dog played a big part in my childhood, and I still miss him to this day. He was such a special dog. He was sweet, kind, and most days he seemed to think he was a ‘real’ boy. 

What I remember most about Wesley, was that he was always there. My parents got divorced when I was ten years old, and it was a really hard time for me and I felt very alone and sad. Since I was an only child I never had any siblings I could share these things with. But I used to come home after being away for the weekend and Wesley always came running. He seemed to be able to feel when I was sad and he always kept trying to hug me until I couldn’t do anything else but smile. Yes, hug! He tried to put one paw on each shoulder every time. LOL! I told you he thought he was a real boy! ;)

When I was sixteen years old we had to put him to sleep because he had cancer and could barely breath. I hold him the entire time until he took his last breath. I think I cried for weeks and I can still cry thinking about it now. Boy.. I miss that dog. But he definitely was and is my favorite childhood memory! 

What is your favorite childhood memory?

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  1. Aww he sounds like a sweetheart <3 It's crazy how animals can sense when you're sad and try to comfort you. I had a guinea pig as a kid, also got him when I was about 8 but he died when I was 13. But I also still remember the day I got him and when I held him as he took his last breath, and I was an only child too, so I can completely relate to all of this!

    1. He really was a sweetheart. And he really was my best friend. :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Dogs are such intuitive creatures. I've had a horse and now Baby who both pick up on those clues when we are sad or not quite right. I grew up with a slew of dogs, none inside pets, and I can't imagine life without a dog now!

    1. They really are right?! I now have a Cat and he also really seems to feel when I'm upset or sad. I love how supportive animals can be although we can't talk with them.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Replies
    1. He definitely was wonderful! I will never forget that dog! ;)


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