Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mini Blog Ahead #1


I’m super excited to participate in the first Mini Blog Ahead Challenge of 2017. Blog Ahead is the perfect challenge to get some posts ready to go so you have a nice cushion for the upcoming weeks. With our wedding coming up in less than twelve weeks, this challenge definitely comes at the perfect moment.

The Goal:

This challenge I begin with no scheduled posts. Sigh.. I know it’s bad! But I’m going to change.. Hopefully. I’m determined!

My goal for this challenge is to have at least 15 posts ready to go. (The only stipulation is it must go live AFTER the challenge ends in order to count.) But I’m hoping to get more done. We will be going on our honeymoon in May and I won’t be posting for at least two weeks, so it would be nice to have some posts ready to go.

The Plan:

I’m going to make some Discussion posts, Adventures in Nursing posts, Reviews and My Favorite.. Meme posts. And I can definitely use some support! I will be updating this post throughout the 15 days to let you guys know how I’m doing. Wish me luck.

And don’t forget to visit the other Blog Ahead participants here, and wish them some support too!

Update March 7th:
I'm doing okay with the challenge so far. I've only got two posts completely ready at the moment, but I'm working on some other ones I will be able to add hopefully tomorrow or the day after. I'm feeling pretty good about it so far, and I’ve got plenty of ideas.

Update March 16th:
I can't believe this first Mini Blog Ahead is finished already. I didn't get everything done that I wanted but still I did pretty good, for me. I have six posts ready to go and since I have a week off from work from tomorrow I hope to do some more posts. But I definitely need a new plan for the next Blog Ahead. I just want to complete one Blog Ahead with the goal I set achieved. :D


  1. Good luck! I am also participating...the going live AFTER March 31 is the kicker. I am going to keep track of how many posts I write and schedule total during the challenge, and how many are set for April or beyond.

    1. Awesome. Good luck to you too Charlie! That is definitely the kicker..Whaha I'm already glad if I have posts ready for this week.. but I'm going to do my best. :D


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