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Wednesday's Favorites: Sunshine by Nikki Rae

Welcome to Maureen's Books Wednesday's Favorites. In the Wednesday's Favorites post I will talk about a book I loved and that I think deserves a little more attention. I read popular books, but also many books that aren’t so popular (yet). In this post all sorts of books from all sorts of genre’s will have a chance to shine. Today’s Wednesday's Favorites is 'Sunshine' by Nikki Rae, a book I read in April 2014.

The Book:
Sophie Jean is pretty good at acting normal. She can pretend she’s not allergic to the sun. She can hide what her ex-boyfriend did to her. She can cover up the scars she’s made for herself. Ignore anything. Forget anything.

Then Myles enters her life, and he has more than a few secrets of his own. Sophie discovers that when she's with him she is feeling too much. Remembering too much.

It’s one thing covering up her own dark past, but does she really need to worry about people finding out just how much Myles likes her? Or that despite how much she doesn’t want to repeat past mistakes, she kind of likes him back? Not to mention the fact that she now has to conceal that Myles drinks blood-that he says he’s about four hundred years old.

But Sophie can deal with this little glitch, no problem. Even if she’s putting the few people she loves at risk. Suddenly, those who were monsters before are just people, and the monsters? They’re real. Now being a normal human being is the least of her problems. Now she has to stay alive.

The Facts:

Publication Date:
January 28th 2013
Sunshine #1
Paranormal Romance
eBook, Paperback
Available at:
Average Goodreads Rating:
Average Amazon Rating:

Praise for 'Sunshine':

Ultimately, this book was awesome and I'm so happy that I took a chance on it! I’m definitely going to be continuing with the series and I’d highly recommend it to fans of dark romances, YA that borders NA, light paranormal plot lines, and very relatable and developed characters.

Like I said before, when I started this I was panicking about it being another stereotypical school drama with some vampire action thrown in, but I couldn't have been more wrong and blown away.

Sunshine was definitely a unique and emotional story. I wasn't sure what to expect from it, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a very well put together story with well-built characters that I'm anxious to learn more about.

I really loved the story and really love the way Nikki Rae started this series. ‘Sunshine’ really makes you want to read more about Sophie and Myles. I can’t wait to start the second book in this series.

About the Author:

Nikki Rae is an independent author who lives in New Jersey. She is an independent author and has appeared numerously on Amazon Best Seller lists. She is the author of The Sunshine Series and concentrates on making her imaginary characters as real as possible. She writes mainly dark, scary, romantic tales, but she’ll try anything once. When she is not writing, reading, or thinking, you can find her spending time with animals, drawing in a quiet corner, or studying people. Closely. 

For more information about Nikki Rae and the ‘Sunshine’ series you can visit Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook or Amazon. Or visit Nikki on her blog.

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