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Review 'Faults' by Tudor Robins
Giving up her pony didn’t make Austen’s sister better. Sacrificing her social life hasn’t done it either. But with her sister’s life at stake, Austen’s never good at saying no. So, when their mom decides a move to the island is just what Eliot needs, Austen says good-bye to her perfect summer plans.

Rand’s not on the island by choice, either. After drinking, driving, and crashing his neighbour’s car, he’s been sent to live with his uncle until a spot opens up for him at boarding school.

If too-nice Austen, and too-much-trouble Rand are opposites maybe that’s why they’re so attracted to each other.

New characters mix with familiar faces – not to mention plenty of horses and dogs – in this fourth book of the much-loved Island Series.

The Facts:

Publication Date:
October 20th, 2016
Island Series #4
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My Review:

When I read the first book in the Island series ‘Appaloosa Summer’ in 2014, I was hooked by the characters, the horses and life on the Island. So when I received an email from Tudor Robins with the question if I wanted to read the latest book in the series called ‘Faults’, I immediately said yes.

Although ‘Faults’ is a part of the Island series, it resolves around two different characters. Thankfully the main characters from the first two books also have a role in this one.

In ‘Faults’ we meet Rand and Austen two teens whose lives are very different. Rand has been forced to spend the summer with an uncle he barely knows, after he wrecked his neighbors car under the influence of alcohol. Austen’s plans for the summer didn’t go as planned either. Dealing with her older sisters anorexia, Austen’s parents decided to spend the summer on the Island. Austen doesn’t mind to much, since she can work with horses all summer and spend her evenings swimming.

Soon after meeting, Rand and Austen find comfort in each other and start spending more and more time together.

I really enjoyed reading about Rand and Austen. In the beginning Rand was kind of this awkward teen and I wondered if I would be able to like his character. Thankfully, after reading a view chapters I found myself enjoying Rand’s story and I was really rooting for him. Rand really was a good guy, but he didn’t get a lot of support of his parents. I was happy he met Austen.

Austen was this great character, who seems much older than she really is. Most days everything in Austen’s life is about Austen’s sister. And Austen never complains. I loved reading about her character. I loved the way she took care of her little brother, and how she spend her days with horses. 

The romance between Rand and Austen is sweet and nice to read about. But there’s more about this story. ‘Faults’ is more about life, the lessons we all have to learn in life and the things people go through for the people they love. 

‘Faults’ definitely was a good read and I enjoyed every single page. In my opinion this book would be even more perfect for teens. With my twenty seven years, I enjoyed ‘Faults’ but I would have loved it if I read it when I was younger.

My Rating:

About the Author:

Tudor is the author of Objects in Mirror and Appaloosa Summer young adult novels set in Eastern Ontario that tell coming-of-age stories of young women set against a backdrop of the world of horse shows.

Her degrees in English Literature and Journalism have shaped Tudors writing philosophy and style, and her work as a freelance magazine and newspaper writer established her commitment to accuracy and deadlines.

Sharing her experience and love of writing with others is something Tudor enjoys, and she has been fortunate to have the opportunity to do so through the continuing education workshops she offers for the Ottawa Catholic School Board and other writing organizations. She has also developed and delivered a creative writing workshop for junior and intermediate students.

Tudor lives in Ottawa with her husband and two sons. They spend much of their summers on Wolfe Island, Ontario.

For more information about Wednesdays Riders and Tudor Robins please visit her website, Goodreads and Amazon. Or look for Tudor Robins on Pinterest and Facebook.

I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. 

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