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Review 'The Silent Children' by Amna K. Boheim
Vienna, 1938: Something's amiss at the home of young Annabel Albrecht. First, her favourite maid Eva disappears, then her friend Oskar. Worse is to come – her brother is murdered and her mother is taken away, leaving Annabel to fend for herself.

Almost 70 years later, Annabel's son Max uncovers his mother's long-buried past, and unlocks the secrets preserved by Annabel's missing friends. But as Max is to discover, some children can never be completely silenced. Is he haunted by ghosts or by guilt, and will he ever escape?

The Silent Children is a gripping tale of tragedy and revenge, a modern-day ghost story that will stay with you long after you turn the final page.

The Facts:

Publication Date:
November 28th, 2015
Suspense, Thriller
eBook, Paperback
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My Review:

If you’ve seen my ‘Books I’ve Read.. ‘ lists I read a lot of Contemporary Romance novels. Next to Contemporary Romance novels I read mostly crime and fantasy novels. But I definitely also love to go out of my comfort zone at times. So when I received an email about ‘The Silent Children’ and read the book description I really wanted to read this one.

In ‘The Silent Children’ we meet Max Albrecht. Max is born in Vienna, but has lived in London for a while now. Max hasn’t been back to Vienna for a long time. But when Max’s mother suddenly dies, he is forced to go back to his childhood home. And soon Max finds out there is a lot of mystery and secrets in his mom pasts. And when Max stays in his childhood home one time.. Strange things start to happen.

‘The Silent Children’ definitely was very different than my normal reads. Although ‘The Silent Children’ is kind of dark, mysterious, and tragic, I was fascinated by this read from the very beginning. At first this book really read like a nice and easy to read romance novel. But after the first view chapters this book became ‘darker’ and definitely more spooky.

What I really enjoyed about this read was that it was written in the modern time, but we also got some flashbacks to the nineteen thirties. I loved reading those parts. The story itself was very interesting and I really wanted to keep on reading until the end.
After the first half of the book, the story became a little ‘slow’. I really missed some action around that point. But thankfully the story quickly got back to being interesting, dark and spooky.

The main character Max, was nice to read about. But he was definitely a character I needed to get used to a little. In the beginning I didn’t really like him. I just couldn’t connect with him, and I found the way he did a little strange at times. Thankfully, after the first part of the book, he began to grow on me.

‘The Silent Children’ was a good read. I especially loved reading this book during these dark and cold nights. If you’re looking for a nice, thrilling read.. This one is definitely for you. But if your easily spooked.. Well.. Don’t read this one when your home alone! ;)

My Rating:

About the Author:

Amna K. Boheim worked in investment banking before turning her hand to writing. She has completed two Faber Academy writing courses, including the six-month Faber Academy Writing a Novel (online) course. She authors a blog under the title, Djinn Mamu … & Other Strange Stories.

The Silent Children is her debut novel and was awarded the Independent Publisher Book Awards 2016 Silver medal for best suspense/thriller.

For more information about Amna K. Boheim please visit her website. Or visit her on Twitter and Facebook

I received this book from the Smith Publicity in exchange for my honest review.


  1. The setting is fab and I assume there is a WW2 theme. I'm intrigued by the ghostly storyline too! Sounds good and I'm glad it picked up momentum again after slowing down a little in the middle.

    1. The setting is definitely great. The flashbacks have a WW2 theme, but it isn't the main focus.. Definitely the way I like it. ;)

  2. Oh this sounds right up my alley from the setting to the thrills! Great review.

    1. Thanks Kimberly. It really was a thrilling read!!


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