Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Blog Ahead 2016 - The Round Up

Today Blog Ahead 2016 has officially come to an end. And it's time for a round up. 
Blog Ahead 2016 is hosted by the lovely Herding Cats & Burning Soup and it’s all about getting ahead and making blog posts so you have a nice buffer for the upcoming months. 

The Challenge:

In the Blog Ahead Challenge the goal is to increase the number of scheduled blog posts you have by 30 so there will be much less stressing in the holiday season and much more reading time. 
This challenge starts today and ends October 31st.

And another great thing about this challenge is that there’s a Facebook Page were we can support and advice one another. 

My Goal:

Since I’ve currently have only two scheduled posts ready to go, my goal for Blog Ahead 2016 will be to have 32 posts ready at the end of the month.  This is probably a way to high goal for me, but I’m definitely going to try and make it happen.

My posts will consist of reviews, discussion posts, top 5 posts, weekly features and hopefully much more. 


The Round Up:

Well let’s just start by saying I can’t believe how fast October went by. It felt like only yesterday when I started making plans for Blog Ahead 2016. To be honest, I didn’t achieve my goal of getting 32 posts ahead. I worked on my blog plenty of times, but I just couldn’t get to everything I wanted. I also didn’t support my fellow Blog Ahead challengers as much as I wanted because life and work just got in the way to many times.

But still.. I feel good about Blog Ahead 2016. I have made templates for my regular posts, which I didn’t have before and which makes preparing posts so much easier. I have plenty of ideas for my blog written down. And I have two weeks of posts ready to go. I’m happy!

As usual I set my goal way to high.. But I’m happy with what I did. Next year I’ll definitely give this challenge another try. 

And how did you do? Did you reach the goal you set at the beginning?


  1. I never officially joined up! But I finally got some posts scheduled (about 7) which I'm happy about. I always set goals too high too but like you I don't worry too much about them. Just getting a little ahead is great. And making templates is the way to go, you'll be so much faster in future posts.

    1. So far the templates have been working very good! And although I didn't reach my goal, I still feel like I'm doing good. And that's what counts I think.
      Thanks for stopping by Trish ;)


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