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Promo & Interview 'Embrace The Pain' by Jana Nicole Campbell

Today I’m excited to share with you a Promo & Interview about ‘Embrace The Pain’ by Jana Nicole Campbell. This is a Women’s Fiction novel that was published on May 19th, 2016.

About the Book:
"People who hurt end up hurting others" is the saying that Nevaeh lives by after being bullied terribly in school. Nevaeh finds herself struggling with her identity by letting the opinions of others define her. Falling victim to her behavior in the flesh, she dies spiritually and makes matters worse by blindly following her own path, which leads her to turmoil and unhealthy disorders that pain her to the core. Nevaeh soon realizes that mourning over things she can't control only makes her a prisoner without a key.

Will she learn to change her destructive ways before it is too late for redemption?

The Facts:

Publication Date:
May 19th, 2016
Women’s Fiction
eBook, Paperback
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Interview with Jana Nicole Campbell:

Can you tell us a little more about ‘Embrace The Pain’?

Embrace The Pain is the story of Nevaeh who struggles with her identity and is bullied terribly in school. She is picked on so bad and takes that with her after high school to hurt herself more and hurt others purposely but only see that in the end she was only hurting herself and on the path of destruction.

How did you get the idea of writing ‘Embrace The Pain’?

I got the idea for Embrace The Pain after reading Joyce Meyer's New York Times Bestselling book, "Battlefield of the Mind" Her books are the inspiration behind everything I write. I love her! It also helped me when I was going through a very dark time in my life back in 2014 and I just took to my pen, notebook, and laptop and wrote the saddest story ever. I honestly just decided with this book, ok I am going to write from my heart and not my mind which is a very big difference.

Which one of your characters has stayed with you the most? And why?

Nevaeh's mother Yanira because she was a black mother who had fail victim like most mothers not all to shutting their daughters out.  Yanira didn't see that her daughter truly needed help. She just felt like her daughter was weak minded and because she had her own problems and emotional issues she couldn't be the mother that she was blessed to be. She took the title of "mother" for granted. Like so many do in real life. I saw that in my reality and with my own personal struggles and used that to create Yanira.

Where do you get the inspiration for writing your own books?

Of course as I said in the other question, my inspiration comes from reading Joyce Meyer's books. I love her and she is my inspiration. Sometimes, I'll even read a genre that I am not too much familiar with or don't read and take the negative points and flip it into something inspirational that no one ever heard about.

Can you describe your writing process? Do you have any sort of ritual you follow?

I have no particular ritual. Sometimes, I outline and sometimes I just let it flow.

What are your future plans in writing?

I plan to work for CNN or AJC after I graduate in the spring and just go from there. My dream is to work for broadcast media. So, we will just see what God has in store for me. Until then, I am just grateful for where I am at in life right now.

 About the Author:

Jana Nicole Campbell is a journalism student at Georgia State University. She is an aspiring speaker and media personality and also the founder of The Fearless Project, which, with her husband, Robert Campbell, gives back to homeless shelters. Jana makes her home outside of Atlanta with her husband and two beautiful cats.

For more information please visit Jana on Facebook and Instagram.


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