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Blog Tour 'The Orphan Keeper' by Camron Wright

Today I’m excited to participate in the Tour for ‘The Orphan Keeper’ by Camron Wright. This book is based on true events and was published on September 6th.
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About the Book:
Seven-year-old Chellamuthu’s life is forever changed when he is kidnapped from his village in India, sold to a Christian orphanage, and then adopted by an unsuspecting couple in the United States. It takes months before the boy can speak enough English to tell his parents that he already has a family back in India. Horrified, they try their best to track down his Indian family, but all avenues lead to dead ends.

Meanwhile, they simply love him, change his name to Taj, enroll him in school, make him part of their family—and his story might have ended there had it not been for the pestering questions in his head: Who am I? Why was I taken? How do I get home?

More than a decade later, Taj meets Priya, a girl from southern India with surprising ties to his past. Is she the key to unveil the secrets of his childhood or is it too late? And if he does make it back to India, how will he find his family with so few clues?

From the best-selling author of The Rent Collector, this is a deeply moving and gripping journey of discovering one’s self and the unbreakable family bonds that connect us forever.

The Facts:

Publication Date:
September 6th 2016
eBook, Hardcover, Audio
Available at:

My Review:

The thing that definitely grabbed my attention when I first received an email about ‘The Orphan Keeper’, was the cover. The bright orange colors definitely made me want to read where this book was all about. And after I read the book description I just knew I wanted to read this book. Although I don’t read a lot of non-romance novels at the moment, this book based on true event really was one I needed to read.

‘The Orphan Keeper’ is the story of Chellamuthu. The story begins when Chellamuthu is just a little boy, living in poverty with his family in India. Although Chellamuthu is poor, and has to work from a very young age, he is just like other young boys. Chellamuthu is really curious and loves playing with other young boys. Especially when playing with these boys makes him able to get his hands on some fruits. But this also means he is easily distracted and forgets to do the things his parents ask of him.
One day, Chellamuthu is playing outside when he is suddenly abducted and taken to a city hours away from his family.
Soon Chellamuthu finds himself being adopted by an American family who have no idea he is abducted.

This book was definitely something else. From the moment I started reading, I didn’t want to stop and I just wanted to know how Chellamuthu’s story was going to end. ‘The Orphan Keeper’ is such a touching, beautiful and heartbreaking story and knowing it is based on true life events made this book even more intriguing. I loved every word in this book.

The writing is very good and I could easily imagine myself walking besides Chellamuthu. When Chellamuthu was eating those spicy Indian foods, I could almost taste them myself. That’s how good this book was written. The author wrote a lot of details in this book which made it even easier to imagine myself walking beside the characters. And I was really impressed by the authors writing.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, touching book that really makes you value your own life more ‘The Orphan Keeper’ is for you. This book is definitely one I’ll be thinking of for some time.

My Rating:

About the Author:

Camron Wright was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He received a B.S. in Business from Brigham Young University and a master’s degree in Writing & Public Relations from Westminster College.
Camron’s first book, Letters for Emily, was a Readers Choice award winner, as well as a selection of the Doubleday Book Club and the Literary Guild. In addition to North America, Letters for Emily was published in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Korea, the Netherlands, and China.

His book, The Rent Collector, won Book of the Year, Fiction, from ForeWord Reviews; Best Novel of the Year from the Whitney Awards; and is a nominee for the prestigious 2014 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.

Camron currently lives with his wife, Alicyn, in Alpine, Utah. He is the proud father of four children (all girls but three).

For more information about Carmon Wright and his books please visit his website. Or visit him on Facebook and Twitter.


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I received this book from the Smith Publicity in exchange for my honest review.

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