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Wednesday's Favorites: Gabriel's Inferno by Sylvain Reynard

Welcome to Maureen's Books Wednesday's Favorites. In the Wednesday's Favorites post I will talk about a book I loved and that I think deserves a little more attention. I read popular books, but also many books that aren’t so popular (yet). In this post all sorts of books from all sorts of genre’s will have a chance to shine. Today’s Wednesday's Favorites is ‘Gabriel’s Inferno’ by Sylvain Reynard, a book I read in January 2014. 

The Book:
Enigmatic and sexy, Professor Gabriel Emerson is a well respected Dante specialist by day, but by night he devotes himself to an uninhibited life of pleasure. He uses his notorious good looks and sophisticated charm to gratify his every whim, but is secretly tortured by his dark past and consumed by the profound belief that he is beyond all hope of redemption.

When the sweet and innocent Julia Mitchell enrolls as his graduate student, his attraction and mysterious connection to her not only jeopardizes his career, but sends him on a journey in which his past and his present collide.

An intriguing and sinful exploration of seduction, forbidden love and redemption, "Gabriel's Inferno" is a captivating and wildly passionate tale of one man's escape from his own personal hell as he tries to earn the impossible...forgiveness and love. 

The Facts:

Publication Date:
April 4th, 2011
Gabriel’s Inferno #1
Contemporary Romance
Paperback, Audio
Available at:
Average Goodreads Rating:
Average Amazon Rating:

Praise for 'Gabriel's Inferno':

This is a breathtaking story that will have you humming throughout and searching out various Dante and Beatrice pieces of art. You don't really need a knowledge of ‘The Divine Comedy’ or ‘Dante's Inferno’. It is well explained in the book. I highly recommend this one. It's gorgeous.

This is a book where second chances reveal themselves in unexpected ways, a story that leaves you breathless at every page and that everyone should read.  You won’t regret it and I mean it.

I just loved this story so much and was so eager to jump straight into the second book! And I would definitely recommend this to all the romance readers. This will not disappoint. It's one of the most amazing romance stories I've ever read about!!!

The story of Julia and Gabriel is just so romantic, sad, passionate and extremely addicting that I just can’t get enough of it.

About the Author:


I'm interested in the way literature can help us explore aspects of the human condition - particularly suffering, sex, love, faith, and redemption. My favourite stories are those in which a character takes a journey, either a physical journey to a new and exciting place, or a personal journey in which he or she learns something about himself/herself.

I'm also interested in how aesthetic elements such as art, architecture, and music can be used to tell a story or to illuminate the traits of a particular character. In my writing, I combine all of these elements with the themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the transformative power of goodness.

I try to use my platform as an author to raise awareness about the following charities: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation, WorldVision, Alex's Lemonade Stand, and Covenant House.

For more information about Sylvain Reynard please visit his website. Or visit him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Goodreads

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