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Review 'Shanahan's Revenge' by Julie Mac
What happens when you fall in love with your worst enemy?

When the CEO of one of New Zealand’s biggest companies steps down, heir apparent Kate McPherson and Australian outsider Sam Shanahan are left fighting for control of McPherson & Co.

But Sam hasn’t just travelled to New Zealand for business. He’s there to avenge the wrongs done to his mother three decades ago, and he’s determined that no one—especially not his beautiful arch rival—will get in his way.

Poised to take over the company from her father, Kate has fought hard for her success and will do anything to defeat the stranger who’s after her job—no matter how strong the chemistry between them.

Sam and Kate are driven apart by ambition and drawn together by fiery attraction. And between them sizzles a family secret that threatens to blow Kate’s world apart.

The Facts:

Publication Date:
May 1st, 2016
Contemporary Romance
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My Review:

When I read the book description of ‘Shanahan’s Revenge’ I immediately loved the sound of this book. The cover was definitely also working for me, and I felt excited to start reading this book. So when I had a little room in my reading schedule, I began reading.

‘Shanahan’s Revenge’ is the story of Kate McPherson and Sam Shanahan. Kate is a privileged young woman, she lost her mom when she was very young, but other than that life has been good for her. So when her father steps down as the CEO of the company his family build. Kate is determined to get the job. Unfortunately she is not the only one who wants this job.
Sam Shanahan, an Australian outsider is also in for the win. And he definitely has the charm and the knowledge to get in Kate’s way. But of course, when they meet each other there is an instant attraction. And soon they are starting to know each other better and feelings start to build.

This book is definitely a perfect summer read. ‘Shanahan’s Revenge’ is the book you read on your holiday, sitting in a beach chair in the sun, enjoying a nice cold cocktail while the wind is going through your hair. For that occasion this book is really perfect. Unfortunately I wasn’t sitting in the sun, on a beach chair. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy this book. This book was definitely a nice relaxing read with a nice romance. The characters where fun and the setting in New Zealand was wonderful to read about. But I did have some issues with it.

For one, the female character Kate is supposed to be this strong woman. A woman whose life is her work and she worked really hard to get to where she is today. At least that is what she is supposed to be. To me, Kate didn’t seem strong at all. Crying over something she got wrong? I mean come on. I don’t even cry about something like that, and I can cry easily. LOL!!
The second thing that bothered me was that this story was in parts really too ‘mushy’, too ‘sweet’. Kate and Sam are determined to stay professional, but one evening Kate realizes all of sudden that Sam is the love of her life. He doesn’t know it yet, but when she sees him for the first time after her realization she is all ‘My love….’. Ugh.. That really was too much for me!

But putting those two things aside this book really was a nice read. It was mysterious and I loved reading about life in New Zealand. 

My Rating:

About the Author:

Julie Mac loved writing stories from the time she started school, so a career in journalism and PR writing was a natural progression. These days, she relishes the freedom of writing fiction: her characters can do and say anything she wants them to, and there’s no risk of misquoting anyone. Julie writes contemporary romance and likes nothing better than to have her characters surprise her. She and her husband live on a lifestyle block in pretty countryside just north of Auckland. She enjoys beautiful landscapes, the company of friends, and of course, good books.

For more information about Julie Mac please visit her on Facebook.

I received this book from Escape Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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