Monday, May 23, 2016

Five things I really don’t like in a Book

Every reader has things he doesn’t like in a book. Especially since there are so many books out there. So today I’d like to share with you the things I don’t like in a book. Most of the time anyway. :D

Characters Changing There Mind For No Good Reason:

What I really dislike in a book is when a character with a certain opinion changes his mind all of sudden. Unfortunately this happens too many times. I love strong characters. But when a strong characters has an opinion and it changes without a good reason. I just find it unbelievable, and I lose interest in the character. I think it is the same in real life for me. If you have a certain opinion and someone for example tells you a totally different opinion you should have a discussion about it or just keep your separated opinions. Not totally forget the way you thought before.

Too Sweet:

I love romance novels and I read many of them. I read contemporary romance, I read historical romance, I read romantic suspense. I read pretty much every kind of romance novel out there. And I love doing so. It’s just so much fun to read about two people falling in love. And I especially love the fairy tale kind of romance stories. Sigh.. But what I really do not like is characters being too sweet and mushy with each other. It just feels fake to me and I really dislike it. So what is too sweet you ask? Well.. if character’s just met they really don’t need to start about love, and gorgeous eyes and.. Blegh.. Nope. That is not for me.


I serious hate cheating. I hate cheating in real life, and when I read a book about cheating, I will put it down. Of course there are exceptions, but if a supposedly good character cheats and keeps doing it. I definitely will stop reading the book. It’s a big no for me.

Too Many Main Characters:

I have this thing with names. Not only in the books I read, but also in real life. It takes me a long time to remember names. So when I’m reading a book and there are so many main characters with, I really don’t like it because I won’t be able to keep them a part. Especially when the names are similar. I just keep mixing up the names. Of course I can write them down, but the flow of the book will be gone for me. 

Bad Clues:

Most times I’m not very good in getting the clues in thrillers, cozy mysteries etc. I’m usually finding  out who did it when the author really writes it down. But sometimes there are these clues in books that make it perfectly clear what is going on. I must be a damn good book to keep my interest after that happens, because what is the fun if you get the clue immediately.

What things do you dislike in a book?

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