Sunday, May 1, 2016

Blog Ahead (Mini) Challenge 2016

Blog Ahead

Today I'm excited to let you know that for the two upcoming weeks, I'm participating in the Blog Ahead (Mini) Challenge 2016. With a lot of fellow bloggers, I'm going to Blog Ahead and make sure I have a lot of scheduled blog posts ready before the summer period and vacations start. I'm super excited and I really need all the help I can get since this month will be extremely busy for me.

If you want to know more about this challenge please visit Herding Cats & Burning Soup for more info.

The Date:

May 1 - 15

My Goal:

I currently have 0 scheduled posts (yep, it's that bad) and at the end of the challenge I want to have at least 15 scheduled posts ready!!

In the following days I will make sure to add my progress to this page. So.. Wish my luck!!


May 3rd:
I'm doing very well in this challenge so far. I've gone from 0 scheduled posts to 6. Four of these will go out this week but still I'm doing better than I anticipated and I'm feeling confident to keep going and kick some Blog Ahead butt!

So far I've finished:
  • Two Wednesday's Favorites
  • One Review
  • One Guest Post
  • One Release Event
  • One Discussion Post 

May 8th:
So the Blog Ahead Challenge is half way through and I'm doing a good job if I do say so myself. I now have 4 scheduled posts, and 2 almost done. That less than I had on Tuesday, but I have some great ideas and I think I can definitely get a lot of new things done this last week of the Challenge. The upcoming week is all done and for me that's a huge difference. So.. I'll keep going!!

May 15th
Today is the last day of the challenge and unfortunately I didn’t reach my goal. I planned to make a lot of posts this week.. but unfortunately life and work got in the way. So now I’ve only got three posts scheduled to go. But I’m still happy with this result. Especially since I’ve got a lot of new ideas. And this evening, when I get back from work, I’m going to try to make some extra posts.
At least I’ve tried and I’ve got the motivation to keep on going. So this challenge really did work out for me. Not in the way I hoped, but still. ;)


  1. Ahhh you can totally do it, Maureen! I know how it is to have none scheduled. I spent a LOT of my blogging life right there with ya. lol Best of luck on the challenge! I hope day one went awesome for ya :)

    1. Thank you Anna!! I'm doing good so far. I'll update my post later today. Good luck to you too! ;)

  2. Loving the progress, Maureen! *silly blogger girl dances with ya*


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