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Review 'Nearly Always' by Ken McCoy
Lucy Bailey is not a girl to take no for an answer. When she asks her friend Billy Wellington to help her rescue a stray dog, she has no idea of the potential repercussions. A serious crime is committed while Billy is absent from the children's home where he lives and, when suspicion falls on him, the police decide that the safest thing for everybody is to lock him away in a mental institution.

Lucy refuses to believe that Billy has done anything wrong, and enlists her cool-headed teenage brother Arnold to help. DI Daniel Earnshawe, who has his own doubts about the police's conclusions, turns out to be unexpectedly helpful, and Billy has someone else on his side too: Helen Durkin, a beautiful, damaged girl who has been seeking to make amends for her past.

With so many daring and resourceful people battling on his behalf, it looks as though Billy's freedom will soon be won - before an unexpected development sees Arnold too fall foul of the law. Refusing to give up hope of winning freedom for them, Lucy chases up the few remaining clues while Daniel and Helen resort to an alternative form of justice . . .

The Facts:

Publication Date:
April 28th 2016
Crime, Mystery
eBook, Paperback
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My Review:

Before I received this book, I hadn’t heard about Ken McCoy before. But when I had the paperback of ‘Nearly Always’ in my hand, and had read the book description, I knew I just had to read this book. ‘Nearly Always’ is different than the books I usually read. But at times I really love getting out of my comfort zone to read other kinds of books.

In ‘Nearly Always’ we read the story about Billy Wellington and his friend Lucy. Billy has a mental problem due to his difficult birth, he is what he calls himself a little potty, and he doesn’t hurt a fly. But when a young woman is raped and murdered near the home Billy lives in, Billy is the only suspect. Because Billy has a mental problem his case doesn’t get to court, and he is taken to a mental facility. Lucy is determined to prove Billy is innocent. So when Billy’s biological mother comes in the picture, Lucy makes sure she is involved in saving Billy.

The beginning of ‘Nearly Always’ definitely grabbed my attention. It was shocking and heartbreaking to read, and I was hooked to the pages. I loved getting to know Lucy and Billy. Billy was such a kind and cheerful boy, it was devastating to read how he became a victim of people who didn’t want to do their job properly.

After the first view chapters, I felt like this book became a little boring. There was still stuff happening that were important to the story, but it couldn’t really keep my interest. I just wanted to read about Billy, and how hard people were trying to get him home.. but instead we read about Lucy and her journey to getting to visit Billy. For example the part where Lucy needed a bicycle to get to Billy, that whole part took much to long if you ask me. I do get why they needed to get a bicycle the way they did, but it could have been a shorter part of the story.

But I kept reading and the story definitely got better again. I especially loved the police officer Daniel Earnshawe and Billy’s mom Helen Durking. It was fun to get a little insight in Daniel’s personal life, and I loved the way he connected with Helen. This was definitely a nice development I didn’t see coming.

‘Nearly Always’ was an interesting and touching story. Although I found the middle of the book a little boring, I still think back at this book as a very good read I would definitely recommend. 

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About the Author:

For twenty-five years Ken McCoy ran his own engineering company. During this time he also worked as a free-lance artist, greeting card designer and after-dinner entertainer. He has appeared on TV, radio and as a comedian. He is married and had 5 children and 6 grand-children.

For more information about Key McCoy please visit his website. Or visit him on Twitter.

I received this book from the Little, Brown Book Group in exchange for my honest review.

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