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Blog Tour 'The Obsession' by Nora Roberts

Today I’m super excited to participate in the Blog Tour for ‘The Obsession’ by Nora Roberts. ‘The Obsession’ was published on April 14th by Piatkus and is Nora Roberts latest book.

About the Book:
She changed her name. She changed her life. But someone won't let her go. The brand-new novel of love, drama and hope from legendary Nora Roberts.

Naomi Carson is a survivor. As a child, her family was torn apart by a shocking crime. It could have destroyed her, but Naomi has grown up strong, with a passion for photography that has taken her all around the world.

Now, at last, she has decided to put down roots. The beautiful old house on Point Bluff needs work, but Naomi has new friends in town who are willing to help, including Xander Keaton - gorgeous, infuriating and determined to win her heart.

But as Naomi plans for the future, her past is catching up with her. Someone in town knows her terrifying secret - and won't let her forget it. As her new home is rocked by violence, Naomi must discover her persecutor's identity, before it's too late.

The Facts:

Publication Date:
April 14th 2016
Romantic Suspense
eBook, Hardcover
Available at:

My Review:

I just love everything Nora Roberts writes. From the romance novels, to the fantasy novels, to the books written under her pseudonym J.D. Robb. So when I received Nora Roberts latest book ‘The Obsession’ I was super excited and couldn’t wait to start reading.

‘The Obsession’ is Nora Roberts latest Romantic Suspense novel and don’t you just love that cover?! I have this version of the book by Piatkus, and I’m seriously in love with it. Such a gorgeous cover makes you have high standards for a book, especially if it’s a book by Nora Roberts. So let me tell you what my thoughts are about this read.
For one.. This book had the most incredible, entertaining and nerve wracking beginning I have ever read in a book. Man.. I was hooked to this book and its main character Naomi from the moment I started. I don’t know how Nora does it, but this book was just thrilling and exciting from the very beginning.

The main character Naomi has had a very difficult life. When she was a little girl she found out her dad had a terrible secret, and when she was sixteen she found something no one should ever find.
So after Naomi hard past, it’s not a surprise she is very close to her family and not good in trusting life and definitely not strangers. Noami has traveled for years, and never stayed in one place long. But one day she sees a beautiful house, in a little town and before she knows it, she has bought the place. Soon Naomi starts making friends and doing things she never thought she would.

Naomi is a character I loved from the beginning. I loved how strong and feisty she was, and how focused and passionate about her job. It was not hard for me to connect with this character because I just loved everything she did. This book definitely almost made me cry because I just loved Naomi’s character so much and I was just appalled by what she had to go through in life.
And then the photos.. I can almost imagine the photos Naomi took as a photographer. Nora Roberts wrote about the pictures in such a way that I could definitely imagine them being real. And boy they were beautiful.

The romance between Naomi and handsome mechanic Xander is very slow to build, but definitely worth reading. I loved the chemistry between these two characters and the way Xander stood up to Naomi when she had one of her insecure moments, which made her try to push Xander away. Sigh.. It was just so good to read and I couldn’t get enough of these two.
Next to Xander, Naomi slowly begins having more people in her life and most importantly she finds a companion in a dog. Man I loved that dog. I seriously had a crush on that dog. Seriously.. I want that dog.

The suspense in ‘The Obsession’ was really good. I just didn’t want to stop reading this book until the very end. There were parts that definitely made you sit on the edge of your seat. And until the very last moment I didn’t expect what was going on. Nora Roberts definitely did another amazing job with this book.

‘The Obsession’ definitely is one of my new favorites. If you haven’t read it already, you definitely should start soon.

My Rating:

The Blog Tour:

About the Author:

Nora Roberts was born in Silver Spring, Maryland. She began writing when a blizzard in February 1979 kept her in her hilltop home with a three and six year old for nearly a week of canceled kindergarten and dwindling chocolate supplies.
During the now-famous blizzard, she pulled out a pencil and notebook and began to write a story for her own entertainment. From the first page, she knew it was what she was meant to do.

Nora Roberts is now the number one New York Times bestseller of more than 200 novels. With over 450 million copies of her books in print, she is indisputably one of the most celebrated and popular writers in the world. She has achieved numerous top five bestsellers in the UK, and is a Sunday Times hardback bestseller writing as both Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb.

For more information about Nora Roberts please visit her website, Goodreads and Amazon. Or visit Nora’s Facebook page.

I received this book from the Little, Brown Book Group in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Lovely review, Maureen :)
    I would have loved to participate in this tour. Can you guide me in how I can get updates on such tours?

    1. Thank you Nikita. I participated in this blog tour through the Little Brown Book Group. They approach me about these tours. ;)

  2. You have really sold this one to me Maureen. I have wanted to read a Nora Roberts book with a while and this one with it's engaging sounding characters and nerve wracking tension sounds great to me!

    1. That’s awesome Trish. This was definitely an amazing read and I think you’ll love it!! ;)


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