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Review 'The Healing Season' by Catherine Evans
Move to the country for $1 a week.
Dulili is suffering a people drought. Over the years more people have moved away than have arrived to stay in this old New South Wales farming town, and now only a handful of young families and elderly residents are left. The locals put a plan into action to entice newcomers: offering the town’s empty houses to newcomers from anywhere in Australia.  Who could resist renting a beautiful homestead for a dollar a week?

Alicia used to know exactly what her life would look like: marry her best friend, manage her home town agricultural store, and live in her grandparent’s old house. But life never goes to plan, and Alicia is left with nothing more than the store to keep her going. Until a new employee walks through her door and offers a new friendship – and potentially something more.

Lachlan has spent his life running, and Dulili is just far enough away for a new start. But small towns have few secrets, and running from the past is a surefire way to guarantee no hope for a future.

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Publication Date:
March 1st, 2016
A Dollar For A Dream #3
Contemporary Romance
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My Review:

‘The Healing Season’ is already the third book in the A Dollar For A Dream series. I first read ‘A Heart Stuck On Hope’, and ‘Honey Hill House’ a view weeks ago. Since I loved these first two books, and I love feel-good stories about country life, ‘The Healing Season’ sounded like a great read. I decided to add this one to my TBR as soon as possible. Not only is the series fun to read, the stories also aren’t very long, so they’re perfect to read when you don’t have a lot of time.

In ‘The Healing Season’ we meet Alysia and Lachlan. Alysia has lost her best friend and fianc√© a little while ago. Everything she ever dreamed about is now impossible. Alysia hides in her work at the store in Dulili. Lachlan has had a rough life and now tries to start over in the little town of Dulili. Soon Alysia and Lachlan become close and slowly on they begin to learn more of each other’s secrets.
This book was definitely a little different than the first two in the series. ‘The Healing Season’ isn’t so much about the romance between Alysia and Lachlan, but more about the way they find strength and comfort in each other company. This was a very sweet and kind story about finding yourself when everything suddenly changes.

I didn’t really fell in love with Lachlan’s character as much as I hoped. I did enjoy reading his point of view. And I loved how strong he was when he asked Alysia for help with his problem. And I loved reading about how hard he worked for a ‘new’ life. It was definitely impressive and fun to read. But he also had this thing about him that made me not quite sure what to think of him.
Alysia’s character on the other hand was one I really liked. Although she didn’t think so herself, I found her really strong and brave. She lost her best friend but still managed to make a success out of the new store. And Alysia was always kind, to everyone.

I just love the A Dollar For A Dream series. This series definitely provides for some amazing getaways from the real world. And although ‘The Healing Season’ wasn’t as romantic as the first two books, I really enjoyed the read. The writing was good, the characters were interesting and the little town of Dulili was perfect once again. 

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About the Author:

Catherine Evans is a city-born throwback to country genes. After completing an Environmental Biology degree, she desperately needed to move to the country. A job in agriculture was the perfect escape. After spending eighteen years in agricultural research and gaining a Masters degree in Agriculture, Cath has a passion for rural life.

Now living on the south coast of NSW, a large part of her heart belongs across the mountain ranges in the red dust.

For more information about Catherine Evans please visit her website, or visit her on Facebook and Twitter.

I received this book from Escape Publishing in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I just saw the first book on a different blog and thought the concept sounded really cool. So I'm glad to see you're enjoying the books so far.

    1. The concept really is good. Three different authors all wrote a story about life in the same city.. It's just really fun to read and perfect when you don't have a lot of time, since the stories aren't very long.
      Thanks for stopping by! ;)


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