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Release Day Party of ‘Darkly, Deeply, Beautifully’ by Megan Tayte

Today I’m super excited to participate in the Release Day Party of ‘Darkly, Deeply, Beautifully’ by Megan Tayte. This is the fifth and final book in the Ceruleans series. Find out more about this series, read my review and participate in the awesome giveaway!

About the Book:


With her mother’s life hanging in the balance, Scarlett is devastated – and done with being in the dark. She wants answers, all of them.

But when was her pursuit of the truth ever straightforward?

Pulling a single thread impels a great unravelling. And each revelation will force Scarlett to rethink what she thought she knew about the Ceruleans, the Fallen, her family – herself.

All that came before was a mere prelude to this, the last journey. From London to Twycombe to Hollythwaite to Cerulea, Scarlett will be stalked by the ghosts of what has been, what may have been and what may come to pass. Until she reaches the place where it all began, and it all must end.

But in the final reckoning, none will survive unscathed. And some will not survive at all.

In this explosive conclusion to The Ceruleans series, all must be defined by their actions: sinner, saint… or something more beautiful entirely? 

The Facts:

Publication Date:
February 16th 2016
Ceruleans #5
Paranormal Romance
Available at:


I kissed Luke then. I kissed him. Like I hadn’t kissed him in more than a week – since before London, since before Hollythwaite, since Barcelona: when we’d been just a regular couple on a city break, wrapped up in each other. Through the kiss I heard his sigh, the release of emotion. And then he pulled me to him, onto his lap, and I kissed his lips, his jaw, his collarbone, his shoulder, and he kissed my lips, my earlobe, my neck, my –

My robe had slipped, exposing my back, and I struggled off him and wrestled with the fabric entangled at my waist.

He stood up. Put his hands on my shoulders. Said my name with so much tenderness that I had to stop. Had to look at him. The room was steamy, the glass doors occluded. No one could see. Only him.

‘Trust me,’ he said.

I did.

Slowly, he turned me. I steeled myself as he took it in, the brand I now wore. Non Serviam. I will not serve. Emblazoned on my back in the form of angry, jagged scar tissue.

When I felt his lips on the nape of my neck, I jerked in shock. But his hands on my hips held me still as he traced the path of the scar, one kiss at a time, from its very top to its termination just above my bikini bottoms.

‘Beautiful,’ he said.

I turned to him. He smiled up at me.

Sinking down so that we were both kneeling, I said, ‘How could you…?’

‘How could I not?’ was his answer. ‘I was there, Scarlett. I saw what you did for your mother. That scar: it’s beautiful.’

‘But it’s a punishment, Luke. Because I sinned. That’s not beautiful. It’s dark. Wrong.’

‘No! Don’t you say that. Trying to save your mother – that could never be wrong. If I’d had the chance, I’d have done it. My mum, my dad, Cara… I’d have saved them all. And you. I would always save you.’

His eyes were glistening, and I lunged for him and hugged him hard.

‘So stop hiding it from me,’ he finished, his voice muffled in my hair. ‘Please. Because I love that scar on you so goddam much.’

I nodded into his shoulder and he squeezed me.

It was calm in our little haven. Still. Warm. Nothing existed but Luke and me. We held each other for a long time, drifting in the haze.

And then Luke sat back and said, ‘So, you and me. We’re good?’

‘We’re good,’ I told him. Then I frowned and added: ‘For now. You know, Gabe, the Fallen: I have no idea what we’re getting into.’

‘Me either.’ He reached out a finger and drew, in the condensation on the glass door, a little lightbulb. 

‘But whatever lies ahead,’ he said, ‘it has to be better than living in the dark.’

My Review:

I can’t believe this is already the fifth and final book in The Ceruleans series. I started this series only eleven months ago with the first book ‘Death Wish’ and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve been dying to get answers to these questions that were going through my mind for all these months. And now I have them. And although I feel kind of sad to have to say goodbye to these awesome characters I also feel like it’s a good thing.. Because to be honest my heart couldn’t take it anymore. LOL!!

‘Darkly, Deeply, Beautifully’ goes on where the last book ‘Devil and the Deep’ ended. We are witnessing the sadness Scarlett is going through after finding her mother and the confusing she feels in finally being able to talk to her sister. Scarlett is forced to find out the truth about her family and the way Ceruleans are supposed to life. And there is a lot revealed. There is so much happening in this book and Megan Tayte made sure you’re unable to stop reading until the very last page. This book definitely made me feel like I was riding a rollercoaster. And I really loved it.

This is definitely the book I was waiting for ever since I read the first book in this series. The hard thing about writing a final book in a series is that there’s always the possibility of disappointing people. Well.. I’m not disappointed at all! This book was the perfect ending to the series and I couldn’t put it down. I just needed the answers so desperately than I dived in and didn’t come up until the very last page. I almost got a heart attack a couple of times (thank you Megan ;P), especially near the end of the book, but I definitely got the answers I wanted and needed.

The main character Scarlett is still as good and true to herself as in the first book. Scarlett is feeling a lot of responsibilities but she always keeps being her own ‘normal’ self. I love that about her. And well Luke.. I just fell in love with Luke even more after reading this book. He is just so kind and sweet. So protective and he loves Scarlett with all his heart and he will follow her everywhere. Sigh.. Their romance was just so romantic. I really loved these two together.
The writing was also very good. And when Scarlett finally found out the truth about what happened to her mom and her family years ago, I was just as surprised, and flabbergasted as Scarlett.

Even though it’s sad to read a final book in the series, this book really made a great ending to a great series. I will miss this series for sure.

Great job Megan!! I can’t wait to read your next project! ;)

My Rating:

About the Author:

Once upon a time a little girl told her grandmother that when she grew up she wanted to be a writer. Or a lollipop lady. Or a fairy princess fireman. ‘Write, Megan,’ her grandmother advised. So that’s what she did.

Thirty-odd years later, Megan is a professional writer and published author by day, and an indie novelist by night. Her fiction – young adult romance with soul – recently earned her the SPR’s Independent Woman Author of the Year award.

Megan grew up in the Royal County, a hop, skip and a (very long) jump from Windsor Castle, but these days she makes her home in a village of Greater Manchester. She lives with her husband, a proud Scot who occasionally kicks back in a kilt; her son, a budding artist with the soul of a palaeontologist; and her baby daughter, a keen pan-and-spoon drummer who sings in her sleep. When she's not writing, you'll find her walking someplace green, reading by the fire, or creating carnage in the kitchen as she pursues her impossible dream: of baking something edible.

For more information about Megan Tayte please visit her website, or visit her on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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