Thursday, February 4, 2016

Discussion Post: The Review Policy

Ever since I started blogging almost two years ago, I’ve been having difficulties with saying no to review requests. I updated my review policy almost a year ago which now says I’m not available for any new review requests. I do receive books from a view publishing offices I have an agreement with, but other than that I don’t want any more new review requests. Because I just don’t have the time for more books.  Still.. I get these review request almost every day!! Of course I still feel this thrill when I receive a review request. I mean it’s so awesome when an author wants me to read their book. But lately I’ve been feeling the stress of being a book blogger. I think it’s the combination of getting a lot of new books I really want to read and having a fulltime job that takes a lot of my energy.

A lot of the authors that email me say they read my policy but still wanted to send me an email to be sure. I understand how difficult it is to get your book out there, but when someone says in a review policy they aren’t available for any new requests, you just don’t need to send an email. And let me tell you these emails are frustrating because I’m one of those people who feels obligated to answer an email. And at times I even say yes to these requests because the book sounds really good.. and I’m a book addict and I just want to read everything.. Sigh.. Now I’m rambling!

I’ve been trying hard to say no to review requests lately. And it’s definitely going okay at the moment.. But at times I almost feel guilty about saying no to an author. I just can’t add any new books for a while.

But now I’m curious.. 

Do you have a review policy? And does it work for you? How do you respond to new review requests? And what is your answer when you really can’t accept another review request?


  1. From an author's perspective, I entirely understand when a blogger is closed to reviews or sends a 'no thanks' email. So I don't think you need to worry about offending authors or feel obligated to review if you don't really want to. All authors are readers first and foremost, and we all know how it feels when the TBR pile is teetering. Hope this helps a little!

    1. Thank you Megan. That really helps because I always keep thinking I'm disappointing people. It also doesn't help that I really want to read EVERYTHING!!! LOL!!

  2. I can totally relate to your dilemma, Maureen. I, too, feel bad when I have to say "no" to a review request but stil I know that I cant take on every book review request I get because I have limited time and I want to give my best help to authors when reviewing their work. So don't feel bad and politely decline requests when you feel you wont be able to review a particular book due to any reason. I have been lucky in getting only very courteous and totally understanding authors who take my refusal sportingly and are best of people. :)

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    1. Thankfully, most authors also respond kind if I decline a review request. But I also wonder sometimes why we have review policy's if people keep on emailing you anyway.. And honestly I wouldn't want to miss out on all the books. So it's definitely a dilemma! :D


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