Friday, February 26, 2016

Discussion Post: Audiobooks When and Where

Being an avid reader, I always try to think of ways to read more books. As a nurse my time is limited and I often work different hours which makes it hard to read whenever I want. Coming home around 1 p.m. and turning on the light so I can read for a while sounds like a good idea, but then I wake my man who has to work ‘normal’ hours. Definitely not an option.

“So what about Audiobooks?”

Over the years I read a lot about Audiobooks. They sound like the perfect way to still ‘read’ wherever you are and whenever you can. I loved the idea of Audiobooks since.. well forever. But somehow I never seemed to get to the point to buy them. They were too expensive.. they didn’t have the English ones I wanted.. I didn’t have time to listen to them. The list of reasons why I didn’t get into Audiobooks is long. But especially lately I kept hearing about these awesome Audiobooks and when I saw an advertisement about Audible I decided to give it a try. So since a month now I have Audible and I’m able to get Audiobooks for a very reasonable price.

“But now what? When do you listen to them?”

Unfortunately I still haven’t listened to a lot of Audiobooks. I just don’t know when or where I should listen to them. When I’m at home I prefer to sit on the couch and ‘read’ a book.
But last week I finally bought two Audiobooks I’m really looking forward to! And since I’m working the night shift this week I’ve been listening to one of the books on the drive to work. So far I’m really enjoying it, but I still wonder about when and where I can listen to it. Especially since I’m not working the night shift forever and I wonder about what to do when life gets back to normal. (Trust me, no matter how many night shifts you work.. you always feel a little weird.)

So help me out..

What do you think about Audiobooks? And when and where do you listen to them? What is the best one you listened to so far?


  1. I don't listen to very many audios because I tend to try them when I'm doing something else, and then I get distracted and lose my place. Driving is fine, but if I'm doing other stuff it just doesn't seem to work. That's just me though, I guess other people do it just fine. :)

    I like the IDEA of audiobooks though, it would help me get more books read if I can just figure out a way to make it work. :)

    1. I totally agree with you Greg. I love the idea of audiobooks but somehow I'm not very good in listening to them because I can't really concentrate on the book. I'm very good in concentrating while reading, but somehow listening to these audiobooks is a lot harder. I'll keep trying though!

  2. Audiobooks are a funny one for me. I got really into them while at the gym (I found a site that provides Audio review copies, because you're right they are really expensive!) It normally takes me lass time to read a book than it does to listen to it so I don't see the point most of the time!

    Here's the website:

    Laura @

    1. Audiobooks definitely take a lot of time. So it definitely isn’t a way to read more books faster. But they have their perks, especially while cooking or driving. And the gym sounds like a great option too. The problem for me is that I forget about them most of the time. :s

  3. I got wireless earbuds and listen while cleaning the house, walking and even cutting the lawn. On drives I listen and at night when my hubby is sleeping beside me, I plug one earbud in, set a sleep timer and listen. On the upside if a book is really house sparkles!!

    1. That sounds like a great idea Kimberly. I definitely need to try listening to an Audiobook while cleaning. Maybe it will make cleaning even a little more fun for me.
      Reading at night while my man is sleeping next to me probably won’t work for me. When the lights go out my body automatically shuts down and I fall asleep very fast. LOL!! This really frustrates my man because he can't sleep so easily as me. It’s probably the one positive part of working in the healthcare industry.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Like Greg, I like the idea of audiobooks, but I also get distracted and lose my place. When I read an ebook, I like to highlight and mark up passages, and to go back and re-read, which is easily done with the chapter function. Audiobooks? Not so much...I'd have to be stuck to my computer to record a quotation or passage, which I is great when I'm catching up on the housekeeping of blogging, generating new posts, and visiting others. But then when I'm doing other things while listening, it's an issue.

    Most people recommended to me to listen to audiobooks at the gym (which I don't go to due to time constraints and the drive), while cooking/baking, while cleaning (so those wireless earbuds sound fantastic when you have to leave the room), or when catching up on the blog.

    I haven't listened to many audiobooks, maybe five or six tops, but I do want to get into them more. Each summer SYNC puts out two FREE audiobooks a week, and for the last two years I've downloaded the ones I thought I'd be interested in, so I need to get through my backlog. The last audiobook I got through was right at Thanksgiving, so I'm overdue for a few more. The best one was this last one, Beautiful Creatures.

    1. Those wireless earbuds really do sound great. I'm really clumsy at times, so reading with headphones with a cord aren't very handy because I’ll probably get stuck on something while walking around.
      Maybe listening to Audiobooks is something you just need to get used to. I'm determined to keep trying. And since I have Audible I get these emails that tell me about all these great new audiobooks. I really get excited for them.
      And reading these responses also make me want to try more. Especially when I hear about all those FREE audiobooks!
      Thank for your input! ;)

  5. I began listening to audiobooks about five or years ago. It takes me a long while to get through a book that way. I don't have a long commute to work--15 to 20 minutes one way, and the other way I have my daughter with me and so don't want to have an audiobook going when I could be interacting with her. Sometimes I will have an audiobook on when I do chores, but, again, it depends on if my daughter is with me. She is constantly interrupting or wanting to help, so listening to a book just doesn't work. My work outs are aerobic and so I can't listen during them or else I won't be able to follow the instructor. So, the question of when can I listen is quite the dilemma for me.

    As it is, I do get easily distracted and so I either have to listen to something that is fast paced and hard to put down (like mysteries), or something in which I don't necessarily have to pay close attention to (re-reads are good in this case). I do find that conversational memoirs sometimes work for me--like Jenny Lawson or Tina Fey's books.

    1. Audiobooks definitely take a lot of time. And I'm still not really sure how and where I can get the time to listen to more audiobooks. I did receive some great tips here so I'll definitely keep trying. But it's easy to get distracted.
      I haven't listened to any conversational memoirs yet, maybe I should give them a try.
      Thanks for stopping by ;)


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