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Review 'By Her Side' by Lizzy Chandler would trust him with her life. But can either of them trust their hearts?

Rory Sutton Whitfield isn’t a princess, even though her wealthy family insists on treating her like one. Fresh from her travels and finally achieving the independence she craves, the last thing she wants is to become swept up in family problems. But her half-brother has disappeared and her grandfather insists on hiring a bodyguard for her. Rory won’t be controlled by anyone, especially not a taciturn detective like Vince Maroney, a man of few words who nonetheless arouses disturbing emotions.

Vince Maroney has learned his lesson about playing the hero; he stepped up once and it cost him everything. But when he saves the granddaughter of one of Sydney’s wealthiest men, he finds himself embroiled in events beyond his control. Rory is beautiful, smart, independent. But her family is all secrets and lies, money papered over injustices. Rory makes him feel things he thought long dead, but the pains of the past create distance, and she comes from a completely different world. How can one of Sydney’s pampered princesses ever find common ground with her reluctant bodyguard?


Publication Date:
December 8th 2015 by Escape Publishing
Romantic Suspense
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My Review:

When I first read the book description of ‘By Her Side’, I just knew I had to read this book. A story about a rich girl and a handsome bad-ass bodyguard.. Sigh.. I was hooked. So I couldn’t wait to start reading this book.

‘By Her Side’ is a great romantic suspense. The book is written from both main characters their point of view, which gives the reader a good sense of their character. The story is from the beginning very interesting and keeps you want to keep on reading. Both main characters were also really likeable. We have Rory Sutton Whitfield, a privileged young woman who doesn’t take her wealth for granted. And Vince Maroney, a detective who has had a troubled past and makes sure he lives his life without getting close to anyone. The chemistry between Rory and Vince was really fun to read about. I loved their interactions and the moments when you just wanted them to kiss already.

The suspense part was fun to read about and really well thought of. I didn’t expect what was going on until the very end of the book, and it definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. It was also really fun to read about a privileged character who really didn’t act like she was a ‘princess’. Rory really cared for other people and never took her wealth for granted.
Although Vince is Rory’s bodyguard he really didn’t have to do a lot of bodyguard worthy things. I mean, it would have been better is he was just someone who looked after her, instead of a professional bodyguard. I mean, Rory didn’t seem to be in real danger for most of the book. But the whole bodyguard idea definitely sounded good.

But there were also a view disappointments. For one, this book is very descriptive but when Rory and Vince finally give in to their feelings it felt a little rushed. And man I just wanted more details! And the second thing that was a little disappointing was the way it ended. I really wanted to know more and it felt like we didn’t really get to find out what everything that really happened. Especially with Rory’s brother, Jamie.

Overall this was a good romantic suspense. I was hooked to the pages and I really loved the characters. Definitely a fun read I would recommend, especially on a cold winter night!

My Rating:

About the Author:

Lizzy Chandler is the pen-name of Elizabeth Lhuede, a writer, book blogger and creative writing tutor who founded the Australian Women Writers Challenge. She reviews books under her own name at Devoted Eclectic.

Lizzy has written a number of novels in a variety of genres, including romance, romantic suspense, fantasy and psychological suspense. Her unpublished manuscripts have earned recognition in a number of competitions, including New Zealand’s Clendon Award and Australia’s Emma Darcy Award (now “Emerald”).

Her debut romance novel, Snowy River Man, was published on 22 February 2015. Her second novel is By Her Side, a romantic suspense out December 2015.

Lizzy is a founding member of the RWA Turramurra group in Sydney. She is a trained counsellor and also teaches creative writing by distance through TAFE (NSW) Oten. She spends her time between Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

For more information about Lizzy Chandler please visit her website, or visit her on Twitter.

I received this book from Escape Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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