Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Sunday Post #5

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First of all I like to say I’m so sorry I didn’t get to see all your Sunday Posts last week. I was on a trip in the beginning of the week, so I planned to go ‘Sunday-Post-visiting’ on Thursday and Friday.. Instead what I did was going to bed around 9 pm, because I was just so tired. Sigh.. This week I’m going to be better!!

This week was great but also very exhausting. Monday I had to work till 4.15 pm. After work I left with 12 of my colleagues to Winterberg, Germany. On Tuesday, 7 other colleagues followed. For two days we went skiing and it was just amazing. I had two incredible days. We skied for almost 5 hours a day, and at night we had dinner and drinks. It was so much fun, but of course we had little sleep. Wednesday night I came home around 9.30 p.m. After catching up with my man, I went to bed and Thursday till Sunday I had to work again. So I can honestly say I’m exhausted. Next week is going to be empty, except for work and reading. 

Obviously I had little time to read this week. But I did manage to get a view hours in. I also read a short column one of my patients wrote, partly about me. It was very special and really kind.
Now, I need to re-schedule my blogging planner a little.. but it was so worth it. How was your week? Did you get a lot of reading done?

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Interview with Author A.J. Trevors

Today I’m excited to share an interview I had with upcoming author A.J. Trevors. A.J. Trevors first book ‘The Gaia Chronicles: Birth of Hope’ will be published on February 1st 2016. ‘Birth of Hope’ is Fantasy/ Sci Fi novel. Find out more about ‘Birth of Hope’ and A.J. Trevors here today.

About the Book:

Joy. Peace. Fear. Death. Hope. To many, these are just emotions, facial expressions or words that are evoked in the face of numerous situations. However, there are a select few in the galaxy that have the power to wield them into something more. Into a weapon. Into a personification of their inner being.

They are called Spectres.

Damien is one such person. With the Spectre Hope, he will shoulder the hopes of the galaxy as he strikes out on an epic adventure that will bring readers to all four corners of the planet, Gaia. From the peaks of Mount Cygnus to the sand-blasted plains of the Tahiba Dessert, Damien and his group of friends will try to find a way to end the war with the merciless Vangarians and unlock the secrets hidden within the depths of their hearts.

'Birth of Hope' is NOW available for pre-order at Amazon and iBooks.

The Interview:

Tell us a little more about A.J.Trevors?

Well, my name is Andy. I’m 22 years old this year and I’m based in Melbourne, Australia. Currently, I’m balancing my time between writing novels and attending the Melbourne Law School. I love nothing better than writing during the weekdays, but the weekends are reserved for me to plunk on the couch and blissfully stare into space. Like all men do from time to time. Oh, and I love chocolate. Let nothing stand between me and my chocolate fix. Nothing.

When did you start writing? And have you always known that you wanted to become an author?

It was so long ago that it’s hard to remember! I started writing at the tender age of 13. At that time, I wasn’t writing full length novels or even flash fiction, for that matter. It was just the usual topical essays we get handed out in middle school. However, to my great delight and curiosity, I actually enjoyed writing those essays. It allowed my mind to wander, to imagine a world that was not in existence yet, to make my reader’s hearts thump in their rib cage.

I didn’t always know whether I wanted to be an author. In fact, I’m studying in law school right now! However, I always knew I had a passion for writing and was encouraged to pursue it as a semi-profession by many of my past teachers and tutors. I would love to be a full-time author, but we shall see how my writing career paves out. You never know.

How did you come up with the idea of your book ‘The Gaia Chronicles: Birth of Hope’?

The germ of the idea for ‘The Gaia Chronicles’ came about from me thinking what would happen if I combined both the fantasy and sci-fi genre into one novel. I loved both genres since young but very rarely have I encountered a novel that could bridge both worlds into one book, and this is my attempt at doing so.

I also realised that, in contemporary sci-fi, how empty the world could be. For example, in Star Wars, you would have multiple planets, such as Tatooine, Coruscant, Endor etc. However, there was barely any depth to those planets. It was either a swamp planet, a dessert planet, a city planet. There was just no elaboration of the world. Fantasy is different as it explores the environment and the world our protagonist is thrown into. So, this novel is about trying to bring about that depth of environment found in Fantasy into the Sci-Fi genre.

What did you like the most about writing your own book?

What I loved most about writing my own book was that it was mine! My ideas, my characters, my world. I could shape the story in any way I want to and carve an epic storyline that would have the readers experiencing the range of highs and lows which accompanies a great book. I hope I achieved that!

Other than that, I love coming up with content that excites readers other than myself. To see other people happy reading my novels is the ultimate high for me. If readers are happy, so am I.

Which character in your book has stayed with you the most? Do you have a favorite?*Version*=1&*entries*=0Oh, there are just so many! Perhaps the character I really love is not the protagonist, Damien, but the supporting character Adrix. Without giving away any spoilers, character wise, he is a tougher individual than Damien and been through a lot despite his tender age.

There were certain expectations that were placed on his shoulders which caused him great pain and tension with others throughout his life. I can identify with his struggles and also his flawed character. All of us are human and all of us are imperfect, so I think Adrix is a fantastic reflection of people who bear responsibility but crumble under its weight due to understandable circumstances.

Can you describe your writing process? Do you have any sort of ritual you follow?

I believe that many writers and would-be authors that are reading this will totally understand my writing style. Even before I started writing Gaia, I had to gather research. What was this world? The politics at work. The important players in the galaxy. The protagonist. His past. His future. His powers. His companions. This was an exhausting six months of non-stop sitting in front of my computer every night.

Next is the planning phase. The number of chapters. The content in these chapters. The length of the chapters. Then, I start to write.

I usually wrote every morning, between 8am-9am before going to uni. I didn’t have a daily word goal in mind, per se, but I kept a chapter goal, which was writing a chapter a week. I tend to listen to music as a write because I find it quite soothing and makes it easier to concentrate on my writing. Although my writing was finished in a few months, I can tell you now that re-writing took up the majority of my time. So, writers, this is advice to you. REWRITING IS IMPORTANT!

Where do you get your inspiration from? Do you use your own experiences? 

If you mean inspiration to put in the writing effort every day, I’m inspired by loads of people connected to my life. My friend’s boyfriend is currently a CEO of a startup that aims to provide easier access to scholarships for future university students. Another one of my friends is running an online bakery whilst another distant cousin is currently a Youtuber.

When I meet and interact with all of them, I see the fire and passion to do great things with their life and time, in every movement they make and every word they speak. It’s because of them that I realised that, ‘Hey, I should do something with my gifts too!’ And thus, my writing career is borne.

Inspiration in terms of content comes from many different sources. There is a new wave of fiction writers on the market that espouse a new writing style, which is abbreviation and directness whilst delivering great content. I gather inspiration from authors such as Daniel Silva, Brent Weeks, Anthony Ryan and, of course, the don of Fantasy himself, George R.R. Martin.

Are you a reader yourself? If yes, what kind of books do you read?

Of course I’m a reader! I think anyone that loves to write loves to read as well. I love reading lots of fantasy and fiction, though I do sometimes read autobiographies, such as the ones of Steve Jobs and Malala Yousafzai.

What are your future plans in writing?

Well, for now, if Gaia turns out well, I will write the second novel. I’m already gathering a string of research before I start writing the second novel in the series.

Other than that, I have plans of writing my first urban fiction novel as well and I love to write guest blog posts whenever I can. I’m also looking for some freelance jobs in order to satiate my passion for writing.

About the Author:

A.J. Trevors is a 21 year old author hailing from Melbourne, Australia. He has written two flash fiction novels entitled 'Stab in the Back' and 'Phae and the Sun Chariot' respectively, which has garnered minor success in the indie publishing world. He is currently working on his first full length novel, a fantasy.sci-fi epic entitled 'The Gaia Chronicles: Birth of Hope'.

For more information about A.J. Trevors please visit him on Facebook and Twitter.
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