Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What To Expect From Maureen's Books in 2016

Ever since I started blogging in 2014, I always try to think of new things I want on my blog for the next year. This time I’ve been thinking about new posts on Maureen’s Books for weeks now. I wanted to do things a little different, and make my posts a little more interesting but still keep my blog about the things I love. Well, I think I have made up my mind now! And it’s time to show you the plans for Maureen’s Books in 2016.

Wednesday's Favorites:

Maybe you’ve already seen them, but I started a new post at the beginning of November, called ‘Wednesday’s Favorites’. This is a weekly post in which I talk about a book I loved and that I think deserves a little more attention.
I love making this post and I will be continuing this weekly post in 2016.


The Sunday's Post:

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimerly @Caffeinated Book Reviewer. In the Sunday post book bloggers have an opportunity to recap the week, share what is happening in life, and share news of what is upcoming over the next week (or so). I always wanted to participate because I think it’s an awesome feature and really informative. And well, I love reading the other Sunday Posts. So starting January 3rd 2016, I will be joining the Sunday’s Post.

That also means I’m quitting with the Sunday’s Author Spotlight. I’ve been making Sunday’s Author Spotlights since the beginning of 2015. So that's 50 Sunday’s Author Spotlights, and although I really loved it.. It’s time for something new. 


Promotional opportunity’s on Maureen’s Books:

Since I’m quitting with the Sunday’s Author Spotlight I wanted to think of something so I could keep doing what I love.. and that is promoting authors and their books. So starting 2016 authors can sign up for my promotional service. This contains:
o   A promo post on a date agreed on by both the author and me. This post will consist of book (or books) information with buy links. Author information with social media links. A guest post or interview. And if wanted a giveaway.
o   Sharing my post on my Facebook page, Twitter, Tsu and Instagram.
o   At least two more posts throughout the week on Twitter, and one on Facebook.
o   Interested in more? Just ask and maybe I can help out.

Interested? Just email me at maureensbooksblog@gmail.com or fill out this form.


Discussion Posts:

I’ve been doing some Discussion posts lately, and although I haven’t received as many responses as I would have liked, I still want to keep going with the Discussion posts. I love having a good discussion and I love books, so what is better than discussions about books? I probably will be having at least one Discussion Post each month, maybe more if I feel like it. 

Books I've Read in 2016:

Just like in the last two years I will be sharing a list with the books I’ve read in 2016. But the new thing this year will be that I’m going to add the genre of the book. I received a tip from a reader who missed seeing what genre the books were. Since this sounds like something that would definitely make it easier for readers to find a review from a genre they like, I will add this in 2016. 

And More...:

Just like this year I will add as many reviews as I can manage. But I’m going to try to read and review more books I’ve actually bought and wanted to read on my own. There also will be Blog Tours, Cover Reveals, Release Day Events and posts about other bookish things.

What do you think of my plans for next year? More suggestions? And what are you going to do in 2016 on your Blog?


  1. Yay for joining The Sunday Post! I like it a lot. As for discussion posts, I don't get very much commentary on those either, even ones I think are amazing discussions. (That makes me sad.)

    I suggest joining the Book Blogger Discussion Challenge for 2016. I did it last year and it was helpful in keeping me on track with doing discussion posts and getting a little bit of traffic. Check it out:

    1. Thank you Charlie. I can't wait to start the Sunday Post fun. I always love reading the posts from other people!

      It's so sad we don't get enough commentary on the discussion posts. I think it's such a fun part of being a blogger. I love your tip about joining the Book Blogger Discussion Challenge. I will definitely check it out! Thanks ;)


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