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Blog Tour 'The Standout' by Laurel Osterkamp

Today I’m excited to participate in the Blog Tour of ‘The Standout’ by Laurel Osterkamp. ‘The Standout’ is a psychological thriller that was published on November 10th 2015.
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About the Book: Robin gets the email with its simple demand: dump your fiancé or else. Then someone puts up
the slanderous Rotten Robin Website that threatens to crush her chances to win The Standout, a ballet-themed, fashion reality show. Surrounded by backstabbing co-contestants and haunted by mysterious ghosts from her past, Robin can’t trust anyone, including herself.

This new psychological thriller by Laurel Osterkamp, author of ‘The Holdout’ and ‘The Next Breath’, is Black Swan meets Project Runway. Get ready for a breathtaking novel about love, betrayal, tall buildings, and finding the courage to jump.

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My Review:

Last year I read ‘The Next Breath’ by Laurel Osterkamp. I really loved that book and the way the author was able to completely pull me into her story. So when I saw the sign up for ‘The Standout’ blog tour, I signed up as fast as I could. ‘The Standout’ is a Psychological thriller and since I haven’t read many of those books I was even more curious about how this story would go.

From the moment I started ‘The Standout’ I was fascinated by these characters and their story. I know there have been more books from Laurel Osterkamp about these characters, but since I have only read one of those books, this felt a little like the beginning for me.

The main character in this book was Robin. Robin is an aspiring fashion designer who has been a part of a real life show a view years back. Now Robin is living with her fiancé and his younger sister. Everything is going well for Robin, until she receives an email from someone who claims to know all her dark secrets, and soon Robin is being stalked. When Robin is asked to be a part of a new real life show, with a huge opportunity in the designer world, she immediately accepts. But soon her stalker begins stalking her more and more, and soon her life is turned upside down.

I really enjoyed reading about Robin’s character, but I also felt like she didn’t show the world exactly who she was. And I definitely wondered what happened to her after ‘The Next Breath’. Robin just seemed like a person whose been through a lot.
The relationship between Robin and her fiancé Nick, was definitely interesting to read about and it kept me hooked to the pages. And this book definitely had a surprising end.. I mean.. I didn’t see the end coming at all.

The one thing I didn’t get about this story is how Robin could feel guilty about sleeping with her friends husband, since she didn’t know he was married. I mean.. how could Robin have known that, if she never knew her boyfriend was married in the first place? This part irritated me a little since it kept coming back.

Overall, this was a great read which kept me hooked from the beginning till the very end. I definitely recommend it to other readers. And it’s definitely another bravo for Laurel Osterkamp.

My Rating:

About the Author:

Laurel Osterkamp becomes very attached to her characters. ‘The Standout’, ‘The Holdout’, ‘The Next Breath’, ‘November Surprise’, ‘Blue State’, and ‘American Angst’ all feature the Bricker family, but these books can be read in any order. Laurel teaches English and Creative Writing in Minneapolis, where she tries to stay warm, hang out with her husband and two chatty children, and find the time to write. Her other novels are the award-winning ‘Following My Toes’ and ‘Starring in the Movie of My Life’.

You can find Laurel on Twitter but she needs to work on sending clever Tweets. A better idea is to follow her blog at or visit her website or Facebook page.


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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed! Thank you so much for hosting a tour stop and sharing your thoughts!

  2. Maureen,
    Thanks so much for the review. I'm honored by it!

    1. You're very welcome! I loved reading it :D

  3. LOL, I feel guilty about things that aren't my fault all the time Laurel...

  4. I like the cover for this book! The contrast between the black and blue works really well! I don't think I've read any psychological thriller, the term thriller usually scared me away. I don't like to be too scared while reading, so I usually stick to the mysteries. This book sounds really interesting, but also creepy with the whole stalker part. That's great the ending surprised you, I like it when books can surprise me. Great review!

    1. The cover really is beautiful!! It definitely grabs your attention!
      Although this book is a psychological thriller, I didn't find it scary at all. It's more a sort of mystery. ;)


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